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Love the weapon and shield.
Tier is kinda overdone.

@ Brewtis

7.5/10 could of been a little better on the helm and belt
@ Vereth


Love the Challenge mode set, but I don't think the Lightsaber sword really compliments it.
So many dwarfs thats what im talking about!!!
Anyways CM gears 9.5/10 need some mix and match the stand out :)
@ Endie

Decent set, it is a little bit more rare to see people in the red version of the Lightbringer set.
Too bad the blue cape causes a bit of a clash. Weapon and shield are nice though

Nice set i really like it. Can use a bit weapon tho. 9/10
BTW i can't help it cause the shield has blue on it. I thought about red tabard and cloak but the shield will be standing alone with blue. Not sure tho :)
Yeah, greatsword of forlorn visions does not show very well in the armory pictures. I miss it when we could set up our poses.
8/10 - I feel it would look 10x better in a different pose. Blah for poses! I am amazed that those shoulders look decent; I always hated them.

<- They see me trollin'.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the gloves, belt and boots to this set, and all replacements I have are mail for RP (since transmog wasn't around when I collected the set).

Deciding on for the shield:

Wrathful Gladiator's Barrier (CURRENT)


Bulwark of Azzinoth (to match the purple gloves/boots/belt/possible weapon)
8.5/10 Very WotLK-esque, the colors match just right. Keep the current shield, it matches the theme better.
9.0/10 very nice mog !! i like ! ....

i a sexy lil dwarf i must say too, haha !
I like my transmog, although my pose is hiding me behind my shield and my spellfire longsword is not showing... :(
I like my transmog, although my pose is hiding me behind my shield and my spellfire longsword is not showing... :(

5/10 There is not a lot of colors that are going together there. Helm and shoulders look good but the rest is just not the right color.

7/10 Shoulders and legs are throwing it off a little, but overall I like the gold look + that axe.

(don't mind my boots, the ones I really want haven't dropped for me yet)
I like the combination, 9.
I like the combination, 9.

9/10 Like the transmog but i think the weapon from strat live would be best here ( the grand crusader hammer)

Personally im going for the heavy plate knight look and working towards the scyers talabur to tie everything in.
@Pallium 7/10 seems a lil blah to me...i think thats kinda the look you are going for though...i think that tabby looks good with it though.
Really like your mog 9/10!!!
9/10. Looks great. Good job on the challenge gear :)

Me? I'm blue da ba dee da ba dai....
8/10 i like when paladins wear warrior tier but it looks like you gave up halfway through and went with paladin gear.
If you were going for grey gear then 9/10 cause ur awesome shield that matches is blocking the view
Oops! Logged out in wrong set. I'm actually just going for the color scheme :)

8/10 for yours. I dont like the sword, but I see the color scheme. And I never did get that shield!

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