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@ Uriel. Not a fan of helms, but I do like that you went for a more evil look which is a nice contradiction as paladins are the guardians of all that is holy. 8/10 (nice wep too)
Matches up nicely enough, weapon goes well with it too. 8/10

I wish I had the heroic version of this helm I'm using, as it would match better. I've also posted this set in the transmog forum.

Always loved the Immolation pieces, so the helm is a definite plus (Makes me jealous and wanna go get mine) and with the shoulders helping match along with the other random xmogs, you've managed to make it look boss. I also dig the tabard.. you're like a Samurai Paladin.

Edit: Almost forgot to rate. 9 out of 10. Would have given you a 10, but I'm jealous of the Immolation pieces.
@ buhbuhdin

7.5 out of 10. Belt, boots and sword dont fit. But the armor looks good on a tauren.
9/10, I like it a lot! Very creative with the tabard as well!
9/10, Nice set for a belf and the cape matches. My only problem is with the sword, looks cool but doesn't fit.

For my set I'm thinking of getting a new cape and trying to get Light's Justice from Kara atm.
Like the shinny set of yours
9.5/10 can't see the weap in your profile tho :(
I love the weapon/shield choice 9.5/10
Not bad, wish there was better boots to match it, but I don't think they exist.

7/10. I feel you should wear a helmet. So many big and bulky items really doesn't match the lack of a helmet. Also, the shield is only a partial match. But, the Mace is absolutely perfect. Also your boots... Hmmmm. (I thought there was a boot design to match that set. Am I wrong? If not, then you did good matching. If so, go get the match.)

This isn't really a transmog, but I feel it's the best Paladin set ever invented, and it matches Retribution flawlessly, as does the faction it belongs to....... I just wish I could transmog it. Blizzard hates Paladins.

(If anyone reads this after I have switched my armor, it's the full Chain of the Scarlet Crusade set, with Ravager, Herod's Shoulder, and Raging Berserker's helm.... Oh the good ole days. I miss using this set so much.)

NOTE: I also have the Dog Whistle for the Scarlet Tracking Hound to match this set. (I like to bring out my Perky Pug too. I RP that it's the Tracking Hound's son, lol.)
First comment was a reply to the wrong person sorry, I do like that set very cool, such a shame it can't be transmog'd. 9/10. I also like the RP with the dog whistle haha.
9/10. I like the golden look and have always liked the shattered sun tabard
9/10, it matches so I approve.
Although personally I'm not a big fan of that set, everything goes together well especially the sword and shield 8/10.
Quav 9/10 i have been thinking to use this set as well but a bit too shiny for me.
That is the first time I have ever seen that, someone mix matched parts of challenge mode gear with other gear. Interesting. You also picked some very nice pieces to match it.

There are some really nice looking sets in here, but this is me just showing mine off
Very nice Black and gold.

I have a weakness for Field Marshal's/Lieutenant Commander's pally and warrior sets. 10/10

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