Rate that Transmog =D

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Have to give u a 10/10 for that green tmog and for whoever judges mine keep in mind I went for the feathering look and my twos partner has lock challenge mode gear to look like illidan and my priest has a set to look like a val'kyr :-)
9/10 for the creativity, but doesn't look too Paladin-y
I'm gonna rate yours again just because that set is so damn cool 10/10
Quav, I like the holy look on a bloodelf

I just changed mine again and need some feedback. Lich king mace just dropped but the blue unfortunately looks a little bit off.....]
I'm not too sure about the dragon shoulders; they dont look very paladin'ish (or tauren spirit walker)

Very nice color scheme tho. 8/10
6/10. I really dont like that tier helm. And sorry the combination doesnt look good either.
you are looking at it from a really contorted pose...thanks to our armory system...wtb blood elf remodeling.

I like the classic plate 7/10
6/10 not feeling the clown suit.
7/10 look pretty good.
While I don't like the set, I do like how you've matched the colors.

I don't think the sword helm and green set fit really and a lot more dk like than pally 6/10
7/10 You look very golden and glorious. Always bugged me how those pants never reach the boots though.
9/10 I want dat Hammer.
Really nice mog but you can use a better sword 8.5/10
As for me i'm bored of CM mode so mixed with pvp gears for a knight set hope you guys enjoy it :)
Not a fan of S13 Tyrannical for Paladins, although the colours work well together :D
7/10 overall (I think it would work better without a helm, because I'm also not a fan of helms :P )

mmm armory refuses to show half my shoulders.
Nice set, very classic of course.

6/10. I really dont like that tier helm. And sorry the combination doesnt look good either.

I really like your set, Aianne. Best paladin set I've seen in a while - I may have to steal it lol. 10/10

Alexardros, you have a nice set as well. I don't like the cloak though and it seems like it really needs a tabard to go with it for some reason, so 7.5/10.
I'm not a big fan of that set, and I don't think it looks very "paladin-esque" but I do like how your tabard goes with it, and I'll say it definitely looks better on a Tauren than on a Blood Elf.

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