Can't enter Black Temple after green fire

I got green fire first week of 5.2 and have been waiting patiently to go back to Black Temple raid to clear it for xmog stuff gold etc and alas can't enter it.

Anyone know of a fix or secret since it hasn't been fixed yet with patch 5.3
You do know the raid enterance is not the same place as the green fire enterance is ya?

There's a hole in the right wall partway down.
The boards over the hole-in-the-wall entrance are still visible for me, but I could walk through them and into the Temple. So if you're just assuming you still can't get in, give it a shot.
Qualanthar really... Cmon

Drearina yah I can't go in walking past the boards. We're you in a raid group? I know you don't need to be in one but maybe that might trick it for me.
So, yeah... I had the same problem too. For about 2 months. I completed my Green Fire quest back on St. Patrick's Day(March 17th), and the quest never updated throughout the run. I didn't know what to do, so I opened a ticket and submitted a bug report. I was told there would be a "blanket-fix" or something to fix the problem for many Warlocks, because there were more than a handful who experienced the same thing.

Anyway, 5.3 rolls around and still no fix. So I ended up opening angry ticket after angry ticket, I wouldn't stop harassing them until they finally "got permission" to tag the quest as complete in my book and I was able to turn it in to Jubeka.
I'm opening tickets.

Seems to be a quest completed bug but hell they should fix it by now.

Raid group doesn't work.

Time to be annoying with tickets muahaha
Heck I might just do the whole green fire fight again and see if that works. Wasn't that bad
I'm still on the quest and I can't enter BT the regular way.

What do?
If you're still on the quest, you definitely can't access the normal BT. You'll have to kill Kanrethad before you can run the raid again.

You can abandon the quest to re-gain access to the raid, but then you'd have to procure another Sealed Tome and start the entire quest chain from the beginning. Since that's a terrible idea, I suggest just killing Kan.

Sounds like the quest just doesn't always complete for some people, maybe due to dying before the RP stuff finishes? Pestering Bliz with in-game tickets is probably the only way to resolve the issue, sadly.
Well that sucks. Looks like I gotta suck it up and put some time into beating him.
Considering what you did to the poor fella that was asking for help (and you blew him off to go looking for 100g worth of treasure), the current residents probably aren't going to want you back.
About to try side door...needs BT for raiding with leashes 3 :(
Okies got in through side door Hopes u can too
This post was from two years ago and it was fixed shortly after this happened. Holy necro!
w/e i've been waiting here since 2013 for OP to report back
I'm just amused people use the search function and update threads rather than making new ones
02/26/2015 07:05 AMPosted by Apochryfel
I'm just amused people use the search function and update threads rather than making new ones

Chances are they frequent Wowhead where you get !@#$%ed at for making a new thread where an existing one with the same topic is old and all.. granted you also get ^-*!@ed at for necroing, so ..... what's a player who wants to ask a question supposed to do?

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