Need a nice weapon to finish my x-mog

Death Knight
So after toying around and finding pieces, I actually managed to make myself a nice looking x-mog for myself, however, I just can't seem to find a nice weapon to finish it off.

If anyone could help me find a nice 2 hand weapon with a Black/Blue color scheme, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated.
Demise and Armageddon from Naxx 25 look great, and Shin'ka from TOES has grown on me. I think all three would match your set well.
Well I went and myself Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful and I must say, it is looking SEXY with my transmog, I think I'm gunna be sticking with this look for a while now...if only I could find a better cape, and running around with no cape just looks weird.

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