with 5.3 does haste become more useful?

With the changes of 5.3, should we consider going

haste(to 2nd breakpoint)>crit>mastery for reforge puproses or
What spec?
sorry disc.

just thinking being able to speed up PoH & Penance
No, it's not worth it over crit and mastery. Those two stats feed into each-other, whereas haste for disc just boosts casts times a bit
Well, depends on your play style. I only raid on my mage, but I do LFR on my disc priest. He has stacked haste and uses the dps legendary meta gem. Even with the 5.3 nerfs, I can still top the healing meters while doing about 35K dps (and did over 50K hps on Tortos this AM). If you have to switch to prayer of healing and bubbles, though, your mana will disappear in a hurry. I just keep the tank shielded, POM up, and the occasional cascade.
With the nerf haste did lose it's value "which is very minimal". Though, during progression i was full on haste/crit. Which enabled many of our kills, Haste will always be the king of HPS potential, come next tier i will switching back to a full crit/haste build.

The reasoning behind is simple; "Progression encounters need speed and effective healing." Crit and haste have always synced well together. Now, due to farm i'm exploring a high mastery/crit build, which by the way made little to no difference from my haste/crit build. Actually the other build is beneficial on most other encounters.

Really, it is all up to you. Reading guides and looking up logs ECT does help. But it will always come down to how aggressive of a healer you are, mana management, and the ability of your partnered healers. All three stats are worth your time on investing depending on playstyle.
it really depends on your playstyle. if youre going with high poh use. go with crit/haste. if you want bubbles go with crit/mastery.
Haste is our best theoretical throughput stat. You want raw healing, haste is your buddy. I'll probably go crit/haste once I get my legendary meta gem.
Haste is not a Disc Priest's best throughput stat.

Haste lets us cast more filler spells, but it doesn't reduce the cooldown on any of our primary healing spells nor does it increase the effectiveness of these primary spells. The vast, vast majority of your healing comes from sources that are NOT spammable and poorly improved by haste.

Crit and mastery are both superior for healing throughput.

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