Death Knight help please

Death Knight
Hey guys. I need some help with my gearing and such. My dps has sort of plateaued with frost and I'm slowly getting beat by our Assassination Rogue (he's my brother). I need to know if I'm gearing correctly or if I should regear for Unholy. I love Unholy, and if you guys can help me gear to where I'm pulling good dps in it that would be spectacular. Thanks
Swap out darkmist for either Lei Shen's Final Orders or Relic of Xuen with your gear you should see unholy hitting for harder. Take a look at elitist jerks for unholy playstyle. Also has some helpful information. Even though festerblight isn't what it once was, strong diseases remain the heart and soul of good unholy dps IMO

Also, you are slightly over the hitcap so I'd put crit on your cloak instead of hit. For standard unh frost shares the same gem/reforge strategy. Once you have enough haste you have trouble keeping up then Crit>=Mastery from my experience

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