Current State of Affliction for PvE?

I've heard that destro and demo are topping the charts right now, but I like how similar affliction is to shadow for priests (which is my main).

Thoughts? Anywhere I can read up on the topic? Elitist Jerks is either difficult for me to navigate or outdated.

Seeing as my guild isn't pushing heroic progression (yet, cross fingers) would it be dastardly of me to play affliction instead of whatever puts out the highest numbers?

Thanks, Im going to get to bed and check back in the morning.
Affliction is still very good. Although, with legendary meta gem it does start to shine.
Word, this is good news. Dunno why, but destruction is just off-setting to me.
Affliction feels like shadow with different dot times and priorities to learn. I really like the concept of malefic grasp and how it affects DoTs.
I don't know where you're getting the "Affliction and Shadow are similar" thing from. They're not even close. The only significant similarity is that they have a channeled filler.
Will you explain to me, end game, how they're different? To me, unstable affliction feels like vampiric touch and agony feels like shadow word pain.

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