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As the name suggests we are a 10 man guild currently looking for a few more to fill our raid team.

We raid Wednesday and Thursday nights from 8pm till 10:30pm (server time). We are an currently up to Tortos (21%) and expect to have him dead this week. If interested please contact anyone in the guild and they can put you in contact with any of the officers.

Current Needs are

1 x Healer
1 x Ranged DPS
i would join if i were 90 and geared :\
Gear is easy enough to get these days, we are looking for people who are reliable, friendly and want to progress on a casual raid timetable. People who don't stand in something that hurts them. If this is you send me a tell for more information, or ask any one online for an officer.

Have a great day
Still looking for a healer.

4/12 now and Megaera down to 6th Head.

If interested post here or look for someone online and ask about us.
Still looking for a healer.

Prefer a Pally or Priest.
Heya! I've come back to wow after quite a long hiatus from the game. Enjoying it a lot now and dinged 90 been doing heroics, the guild im in doesnt raid nor does it have many active players and been meaning to get back into raiding. You still need a healer? Wouldn't mind having a chat at some point.

Edit: double post :(

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