Can you leave the Black Harvest Scenario?

^ Like the title says, I'm new to this whole thing - and if you can, does it save your progress, or do you have to do it all over again? How do you go about getting back?
No. Until you get to the last boss, it will -not- save your progress. You -can- leave, however, to repair and whatnot, but you will start at the beginning.

As soon as you get to Kanrethad, you will be able to leave and come right back to that point; HOWEVER, there is a repair anvil right there.

To get back, fly back to the Black Temple and click on the mark on the door. Make sure you've left your instance group and then click the option to go inside.
At the last boss, thankfully! So I can just leave instance and return to that mark whenever I want to re-attempt Kanrethad?
Yes sir! Good luck.
Thank you! I hope to get my green fire soon.
You will, trust me. Just keep trying and don't get frustrated!

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