WTB Challenge Mode - Gold runs 9/9

Hi There,

Don't know if anyone is still selling Challege mode Gold runs. I know Challengeguy use to sell them but I think he has taken a break from WoW. I know there are a spam of Chinese sellers selling them, but the idea of them playing my toon on my account is not really the idea I had. Hard to trust some of these guys too.

I am interested in buying a full clear Gold 9/9 for my Hunter. Will pay 180k for clear, 20k after each dungeon cleared or full payment at the end of all 9/9. I have done all Heroic dungeons so know them all. My gear is 502 ilvl but that doesn't matter I guess since it will be scaled down to 463. I can provide my own consumables including invisibility potions.

If you have a team interested, contact me ingame or battletag me TheVIK#1141 to discuss. I am free most Friday evenings from 8pm or on Saturday & Sunday before 5pm.

Thank you
Bump still looking
I think you'll be looking for awhile if you're offering 100k for 9 gold CMs.
such a jerk
Not my intention. Not that I've looked at CM prices in awhile but I doubt they've dropped anywhere near 100k.
Expressing interest in a carry as well. I think the old carry rate was 150k, this is no prob. Please add my Btag of #Drumsticks1589 if there is a spot available and we can go from there. Appreaciated.
maybe each
Bumping - Will offer 20k per Gold Challenge cleared x 9 - 180k

Contact me ingame or battletag.
I'm also looking to get my last 3 Gold's if any one is selling them or need a mage for it let me know.
My group sell challenge modes if yall at still interested we charge 200k for all 9/9 frazz#1533
Thks Lastdawn for the offer.

However, I am not too sure if you can trade gold cross-realm since you are on Moon Guard. I am certain you can do the challenges cross-realm party but not trade gold, only loot drops. Anyone, please correct me if I am wrong. The offer is tempting though.
Bump still looking
Bump - is there anyone selling, sitll interested.
Hi Thugggzzzzy

Talk to syn..he knows a guy i think :)
Aaaww thks Till, I will.

BUMP - Still looking
Add Diablo#1601 I will be able to carry you but due to team play times could take upto a max to 2 weeks to get all 9/9 done
Awesome. I may be interested for my Pally too if you guys are and I know people who are interested to buy a 9/9 clear too. Will chat in game.
BUMP - Still interested in buying a carry CM 9/9
Message me ingame and maybe we can sort something out.

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