[H] Insomnia 5/12 recruiting for 10's

Insomnia is looking for a few raiders to fill our core 10 team. We are currently 6/12.

Our raid times are Wednesday 7-10PM server and Thursday 7-10PM server

We are currently recruiting the following classes / specs, preferably 505+ ilvl.

Restoration Druid
Mistweaver Monk
Restoration Shaman

Hunter: All
Mage: All
Priest: Shadow
Druid: Moonkin
Warlock: All
Still looking for people to fill some roles.
Hey, are you guys looking for a retribution pally?
Looking for a place to hang? We want you! We can look towards getting a 2nd team of raiders and anyone interested in forming a Raid team. All Raiders are welcome to apply. We want to bolster our ranks. We are running a 10 man team currently. Still have a few spots we need to address. 1 Healer, and 1 RDPS. Any and all are welcome!
491 mage lf casual raiding guild

What days and times do you raid?

NVM, missed it when I first read post.
Still looking for a few more Rdps for core group (wed/thurs 7-10pst). 505 ilvl.
Were 11/12 currently with about half the raid group being 12/12 individually. I believe the raid is solidified but always looking for new faces. No reason to stop with just 1 group though. Have friends and looking for a new place to hang out? Alt's you would like to hang out in a new guild. Come on and give us a try.

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