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WoD Mythic:
Tier 17a: OC 3rd | US 18th | World 106th 7/7M
Tier 17b: OC 3rd | US 7th | World 44th 10/10M
Tier 18: OC 3rd | US 12th | World 57th 13/13M

Raid times: 7:30 - 11:30 ST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

Looking to solidify our roster for Legion. Recruitment is open only to those who are confident they are masters of their class and can strengthen our roster. We have a low turnover rate and only accept those that we feel are a good fit for our group. If you feel you're what we are looking for drop an app in at http://honestlyfm.enjin.com/

Guild master and officers: Dorfie (exactable#1193), Pumps (horseriderx#1841), Tekniqes, Warler, Meod

We sell boosts for current Heroic and Mythic content. Also selling Blackhand Mounts weekly. Talk to Dorfie or Pumps info.
Must be able to rap battle accordingly for loot distribution.
l8rs ra den

Still keen for solid Boomkin/Resto Druid
Hey guys, I haven't downed many bosses this patch, but was wondering if maybe you had alt-runs in order for me to be able to work my way up to desired level of progression, hope to hear back!

Hey guys, Looking for a new place to call home for 5.4 and beyond. Currently playing a warlock but looking to get back onto playing my Rdruid, currently 3/13 H prog. Guild disbanded so looking for a new home.

Mark#6300 is my RealID, hit me up for a further chat, wont disappoint.
13/13 H Prot LF guild for 5.4. My rap battle skillz are off da chartz.
Zij declined for being worst dota player U.S and being mean to dave
ele shamans come give me stormlash pls
Cat Fact #1 - Cat's urine glows under a black light.
Hey Dorfie

just transferred to frostmourn and looking for a guild to call home
although i am currently rockin MS resto ( 527 ) i would be happy to switch to ele for a seriouse progression Team
bimp http://honestly.wowstead.com/

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