[A] <Honestly> Recruiting

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I notice you're looking for a mage wink nudge

Also -

Hi dorfie
palawin carry me pls
Palawin y u no show feet? palawin pls.
coby move to sunnybank with me
only if you cook noodles 4 me <3. bump for mage/eleshammy/boomkin/spriest pls dps pls.
lel Nubs. Spesh Dorfie.
bump for melee dps - enh/rogue/warrior
bump 4 shman
Mage/Shaman cast bloodlust for me pls
Do shamans exist?
Should I groom downstairs?
Is Dorfie cheating on me with Peter?
still looking for a shaman!!!
Enuqt is not an 'exceptional player'. Still some speculation as to whether he can be reffered to as a player at all.

Cuzifuzi is the best - monks are op.
bearbuns my love

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