[Bug] TCG Pet is now showing as [Pet Cage]

Bug Report
During the course of the new patch my Hippogryph Hatchling turned into a Pet Cage whilst on the AH.

The Pet Cage is different to the normal one and reads as below:

Pet Cage (with blue color font)
BattlePet (White color font)
Use: Teaches you how to Summon this companion. (green color font)

If I try to use the pet it keeps saying "Internal Error". So it is completely unusable.

I submitted a ticket and was basically told "Tough Luck".

I am down a $89 TCG pet, this issue needs to be addressed.
I had a bunch of pets I was selling on the auction house that were mostly level 25 rare except for one level 1 pet. The level 25 pets were ( Spectral Porcupette / Porcupette / Spawn of G'Nathus / Searing Scorchling / Phoenix Hatchling / Landro's Lil' XT / Willy / Sunfur Panda / Fossilized Hatchling ) and I had a Level 1 Son of Animus.

I cancelled two auctions to repost, they came back as pet cages (landros lil xt and phoenix hatchling). I then was scared so i wanted to test with a pet so i cancelled fossilized hatchling, same result, so i left the auctions up and put in a ticket.

They have all since expired and every single pet is a pet cage except the porcupette ... =[

Its been 2 days no ticket response and im not sure what to do about it, i guess its a loss but that sucks =[
Just responded to me saying to submit a bug report and maybe one day they will fix it. nothing about returning any pets to me. sigh.
Hopefully they fix it asap or I just threw $89 in the bin.
i really want some sort of response to this asap as this is a big problem... if someone loses a dragon kite or something to a pet cage that wont be pretty.

I was told it was not able to restore level 25 pets, would it be possible to restore our pets at level 1 atleast for the time being, i would hate to sit here for months not even having a record of what pet it is in my bags wether i have to level them again or not.
05/30/2013 04:23 PMPosted by Slimdunkinn
i really want some sort of response to this asap as this is a big problem.


I do not care about the pet level, I care that I am out of pocket $89.
im having a similar issue although some of mine are happening while there just in my bag or in my bank.
A blue post on how this will be addressed would be nice.
I has same problem with a what was a Darkmoon Eye, Gregarious Grell and a Sand Scarab.
My banker now has 3 of these bugged pets, no idea which pets they were prior but he does store some rare ones from raid drops, isle of giants dinos etc so could be one of those. Blizzard really need to fix this and restore the items already affected. If I was down an expensive TCG pet I would be on the phone until they did something.

Also they became bugged sitting in the bank/bags not from the AH so there is no real way to avoid this now except never keep a caged pet which seems very flawed. I reported my first bugged pet via ticket a month or so ago yet 2 more pets have become bugged since with no sign of blizzard warning players about it or a fix.

update: reply for my ticket = they still cannot fix this even though a blue post says they now can.

This is the latest response from Customer Support:
Greetings, Auctionhobo!

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding the recent issue you've been experiencing in game! It appears that we've been getting a lot of information about this issue from other players as well and have reported that information to our QA Department.

Once it reaches their hands, the issue will be recreated until they're able to identify the source and develop a solution. Once the issue is verified/resolved, the appropriate action should be taken based on the results.

While I would love to be able to go in and simply 'restore' these pets, our systems are affected in such a way that I am unable to verify what the pets were/are.

Naturally, we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you.

Avoid caging pets until they fix this.

update 2:

A second GM responded to the same ticket and now says they were able to restore 2 of the broken pets for me :) So it must just depend on the GM you get and if they are able to do this type of restoration. Appreciate them doing this for me and hope a fix is put in place so it does not continue to affect player's pets.
This just happened to me with my two Dun Morogh Cubs...

They better fix this...

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