[H]Tabula Rising Now Recruiting!

<Tabula Rising> is a horde guild on the Hyjal server currently working on the 10-man content. We were a top 5 raiding guild in Rift when we decided to move on to brighter pastures. Our goals is to clear all content, including heroic mode boss encounters while sticking to our 9 hours a week raid schedule. We strive to have fun and keep our raiding environment as enjoyable as process.

We are currently looking to fill our main raid roster with a few good raiders. We are currently 3/12 in ToT with just a couple short weeks of progression raiding. We accept new and older raiders alike. We also are recruiting casual players to fill our roster (any level accepted.)

Recruitment is now open, but not limited, to the following classes. If you're not of these classes and you feel as if you'd be a perfect fit for our guild, apply anyways! We will make room for exceptional players regardless of what we're actively looking for at the time. If we have a large amount of new applicant we would consider running 2 raid teams or converting to a 25-man raid.

Brewmaster Monk
Druid Tank
Deathknight Tank
Ele Shaman
Resto Druid
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Paladin

What <Tabula Rising> can offer you:

**Progression-minded players. Our players know how to research boss fights before the actual raid, know how to min-max their character, and know what it means to not die every other pull to raid wiping mechanics.

**We are sticking to a 9 hour raid week. Our raid nights are Wednesday/Sunday/Monday from 6:00PM PST to 9:00PM PST with invites going out at 5:45PM PST.

**Fun, friendly raiding atmosphere. Progression can be serious when you're raiding with limited time, but we still keep it fun.

What we expect from our trial members:

**Dedication. Due to our limited raid time, we expect trials to have 95% raid attendance.

**Exceptional raid awareness. We cannot stress this point enough. If you have a bad habit of dying to avoidable mechanics, or getting others killed by doing something you shouldn't be doing, then save yourself the time and money and do not apply here. Bosses can't die if people are killing themselves or others.

**Competitive HPS/DPS. While some of our members might be new to the raiding aspect of WoW we are all competitive and serious raiders from other games and take raiding seriously. We expect you to know your class thoroughly and be able to maintain competative numbers.

If <Tabula Rising> is just what you're looking for, then contact us now and begin your application process! If you have any questions about <Tabula Rising> or the recruitment process, you can contact an officer @ battletag Troxic#1840.

To formally apply, simply visit our website (http://tabularising.enjin.com) and fill out a application. The website is currently a work in progress. If you’re applying to be a casual then please just message an officer in-game for an invite.

Thank you for your interest in our guild and hopefully we'll talk to you soon!
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