Haste cap?

While scaling at lvl 80 (My current level) is completely different from level 90s i have with my gear been able to reach 50% haste(unbuffed) and i have seen that it loses quite a large value in terms of stat weight. While the current reforging strat at lvl 80 is Mastery>haste>crit when i did reach the 50% haste soft cap when i forged for haste after i hit 50% i did some long tests one the oh so wonderful target dummies ( since there is no sim that works for lvl 80s that i am aware of) and came out with the figures that after 50% haste soft cap the reforging tactic that would net the largest dps increase was Mastery>crit>haste where haste fell to my least helpful stat. While no one can really say right now i assume my findings are about the same as what will happen at lvl 90 when the haste soft cap is reached, however i believe that since the current prio is Haste>Mastery>=Crit I believe the stats will fall into an area where they all sim quite close to each other. And the prio will look something like Mastery>=Haste>=Crit where there is no main stat to go to after haste and they will all be ~100dps of eachother
i went all out on haste to prove a point to a friend, in game i have 21704 haste rating which is 50.60% unbuffed with thunderforged Spark of Zandalar, with raid buff of 10% melee haste i get up to 65.66% haste, its just nuts, i proved to my friend that dropping the haste trinket for the "cleave" trinket Fusion-Fire Core increases, my dps as i'm already over the GCD cap. i find that i get big gaps in my rotation if Art of War doesn't proc, once you reach the GCD cap stack mastery or crit whichever you prefer, tho i recommend mastery
Where are we with this now?
Holy Necro Batman!

But in all seriousness, the gcd limit was reduced for Legion, the soft-cap for haste is now 100%.

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