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There are those of us who want to play but just dont want to be bothered by some of the people on our friends list or those who just want to play alone (aside from LFR and LFG)
Eliil, I have similar issues... I suffer from mental issues, not going to go into details, and sometimes, I have days which are just not good days at all, and I don't feel like socialising, but want the distraction of playing the game. And sometimes, I have a really hard time telling my friends that I'm not up for talking. It gets more difficult if I have several bad days in a row, because then my friends start thinking I have a problem with them, which, 9 times out of 10, not the case. Sometimes I wish I could just play World of Warcraft in an offline mode, so I don't have to feel stressed telling people I'm not in the mood for talking.
You know you can always unignore and add them back later. Similar to becoming uninvisible. Cheap fix but works good enough.

Myself, if it comes to that (rarely it does ). I don't give 'em a warning or explanation anymore. They can figure it out for themselves. What can be sort of annoying however is if you're in the same guild and they have your real-id to boot or if they're the obsessive type who'd roll a lvl1 alt and follow you around to 'check' if you're online.

If this is the case you're screwed because they'll know you've put them on invisible and will be all "WAAaaaaa why am I on your invis! You don't lub me NE more!"
I can understand that having an offline mode in WoW would be weird because you could appear offline for Real ID, but if your friends know the names of your alts, they could easily track you down and find out if you're in Offline mode or not.

But how about just adding a feature in between Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and WoW! They are separate games! If I don't want my WoW friends to know that I'm playing Diablo 3, then I should be able to hide my D3 activity!

How about we start with that? Add an Appear Offline feature in Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 so I can play in peace! Then work on trying to integrate it within WoW.

Both D3 and SC2 have a single player campaign! I should be allowed to play it without being interrupted by Real ID friends!
I'd try the 'busy' thing on my friends . . . Doesn't work. I'd be in a dungeon or whatever, in the middle of something that requires attention and they'll be like, " why is your status on busy? Are you doing something? Hey, why aren't you talking/typing? Hello, are you ignoring me? OMG, are you MAD? What did I do?"

Yeah . . .

Currently, the friends I do have are stagnant . . . they haven't been on in a while. My family got me to playing and now they don't even get on anymore. -_- Which is fine. I can play alone . . .

>curls up in corner and cries<

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