Monk MW lf ToT guild

Hi All!

I'm currently seeking a 10m ToT guild, Preferably on +8 times or late server time (e.g 9 ST start)

If anyone is looking for a Mistweaver reply below or pst in game!


Juni :)

Edit: I'm free on Wednesday,Thursdays,Fridays and most Saturdays/Sundays.
Hey Juniper,

I know your GM, Contact me via in game mail or add my BT that can be seen via our recruit thread here on the forums. See what we can do for you.


Risedruid <Guild Manager>
Hi Juniper, are you interested in transferring to Alliance side?
I'd rather stay Horde at the moment! :)

Still looking for ones within the times listed above.
You can do our days we may be looking at moving our times back.
Still looking! (good raid with Risedruid but times still aren't friendly enough)

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