"Unknown" players on my Ignore List.

Bug Report
There are several people on my ignore listed as "unknown" and they cannot be removed from my list. When I try to remove them it says "player not found" and does not remove the player.

This issue is affecting multiple toons.
There are several people on my ignore listed as "unknown" and they cannot be removed from my list. When I try to remove them it says "player not found" and does not remove the player.

This issue is affecting multiple toons.

Same issue here.

Talked to my guildies, a few of them are having the same issue.
I'm actually having this issue as well. I noticed it a few days ago but I didn't think it was anything permanent or serious, so I figured re-logging would fix it later. It's still persisting.
I'm having this problem as well. I've posted on other related forum posts about it, yet no word about a fix from any Blues.

Would love to hear from you Blizz, truly!
I am also having this issue.
I am having this issue has well across multiple characters. Relogging didn't fix it, restarting the game didn't fix it and it won't let me delete the "unknown" characters from my ignore list. It tosses up a warning that the player isn't found.
I'm having the same issue and have been since 5.3 I've several exchanges via ticket trying to fix it, the last GM finally caught that it's a known issue.

The last response on my ticket:
I looked into the issue with the ignore lists for you, I was actually able to find an active bug report about it >.< Bad news is there is not fix or workaround for it right now, but it is on a high priority to be fixed. We hopefully will have an update soon on the bug forums

Posting the particulars I'm experiencing:
When I open the 'Ignore' tab on my social panel it lists a few names then many entries that are "Unknown".
This has occurred since patch 5.3
The week before 5.3 I did a complete uninstall (following the instructions on the support article) and downloaded a clean copy of the client.
It affects all of my characters on the server.
I have deleted my wtf, cache and interface folders (a couple of times).
I can not interact with any of the entries on my Ignore list via right click, not even the entries with name, on ly own server.
I can use the 'Remove Player' button on the entries with names but again, the Unknown entries return the chat message 'Player not found'.
A GM provided me with the following in an attempt to resolve the issue:
-Click the friend you want to remove and type:
/console friendIndex = GetSelectedFriend()
-Take the number that's returned and put it in the # below:
/console RemoveFriend(#)

When I ran the script as instructed nothing appeared in my chat frames, whether I run the command on named entries or Unknown.
Same thing happening to all of my characters

Relogging, restarting, waiting for reset day didn't do anything at all
I am also having this issue. I don't know if it's related or not, but I am also having a problem with my friends list not appearing. It's just blank.
That may have been my bug report, that was around the time I reported this issue (meant it as a ticket, but glad it's a real bug).

In my case, it doesn't seem to matter if the people are on my realm or others. The names that still appear are a mix of both.

What I've seen it do since I reported it is, it seems to have repopulated some of the actual names. So, say when I first reported it I only had 8 names displaying properly, and the rest were unknown. Now it shows maybe 12 names showing properly before all the unknowns.

Interesting bug. Best case scenario is, it'll continue to fix itself down the list. Worst case scenario is, it'll show a continually fluctuating number of actual names and will require wiping the list to fix. I sure hope it doesn't come to that.
I have the exact same problem. Even with all addons turned off, I have 8 "unknown" characters on my ignore list. A GM told me that this might happen when a character is deleted or server transferred, but wasn't able to tell me if this was something that was being followed up on at a higher level.

I for one am annoyed, because I'm at the max number of ignores on this toon, and since Blizzard has made no attempt to implement a system that actually *works* for dealing with "toxic" player behavior (League of Legend style tribunals and/or player ranking would be great), I'd really like to at least be able to ignore as many of the worst trolls as possible.
Still happening for me, unfortunately my lists aren't repopulating even slowly.

While it's certainly possible that half the characters on my ignore list were deleted or server transferred I find it highly unlikely. It so happens that 2 weeks before this all started I went through my ignore list, cross checked every player listed and deleted all of the ones that had gone inactive or no longer existed.

If they did delete or move that fine, I care more about removing the Unknowns and freeing up space for the next wave of troglodytes that get on my nerves.
Bug still persists and no updates found regarding this.
I began a thread on this when it reared its head with 5.3 (5/22). Have never gotten a single response of it being acknowledged or that it is being remedied TO THIS DATE.

And yet we are ALL told our "first line of defense" against harassment is to place the offenders upon ignore.
Problem still persists.
Bug seems to be proliferating, if anything.
Problem still effecting all my toons.

Still no word from anyone.
Bug has expanded.
Anyone try resetting your UI?
Anyone try resetting your UI?

I had for different reasons, but I still find I have unknowns in my list.

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