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So recently, i've been playing on my paladin and after dueling random players, Some other paladin goes and tells me Using Guardian of Ancient Kings in my one shot Macro with avenging wrath is stupid. Now let me break this down for you, Both Avenging Wrath and Guardian of the ancient kings have the same duration. If i were to save Guardian of the Ancient kings until i reach 20 stacks then Avenging Wrath would be up when my stacks are totally gone (After the 30 seconds of Guardian of the Ancient Kings). Whats everyones opinion on this? Am i wrong? Is he wrong?.

If you're using Sanctified Wrath, then the durations do line up, so activating them in quick succession is best. It might be advantageous to delay AW by a second or so, so that you'll still have the 20% bonus when Ancient Fury goes off. I haven't tested whether it gets the bonus when both are activated simultaneously with a macro though.

It's possible that the dueler was assuming the usage of Holy Avenger, in which case yeah, he's flat wrong. He may instead have been referring to the cooldowns, since those don't line up - waiting 5 minutes between wings is pretty wasteful. That doesn't matter much for duels, though.
for pvp it's stupid and you shouldn't be using sanctified wrath.
for pvp it's stupid and you shouldn't be using sanctified wrath.

Yeah, it's garbage compared to the other two choices.

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