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I have healed for 8 years. I take raiding seriously so I don't waste my guild's time. Hoping to find a 10man guild who raids any time on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Willing to negotiate about a Thursday raiding time.
Currently I only have 3/12 experience in TOT, but that's only because I've been finding average pug groups.
I push between 20-30 hps, I'm willing to switch between Holy and Discipline, I come to raids prepared, I'm currently working on faction rep to replace my tyrannical gear(2), and have vent, Skype, and mumble.

I'd prefer in-game mail if you are interested in chatting further.
Battle-tag #EllisRyne1695

Cheers :D!
Guild: Symbiotic
Realm: Blackrock (Horde)
Progression: ToT 2/13H
Website: http://symbioticsh.guildportal.com
Email: SymbioticRaiding@gmail.com
Raid Times: tue, wed, thu, sun 7-10 PST
pst any officer online
Hey how is it going if you prefer a 10 man type raid we are looking to add a tank and dps to our ten man we recently xfered over here after killing heoic jinrock in hopes of finding recruits such as your self in order to replace a few weak links in our last ten man group we raid monday tues wed 6-9 server possibly going to 2 days a week and adding an hour on monday and tues. we are looking to push through at least the easy heroics as soon as possible let me know if you would like to join.

add me in game or joshgorr22@yahoo.com

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