(1 Tank, 2 DPS) LF 10N Alliance Raiding Guild

I am looking for a 10N raiding guild and I can bring a ret pally and BM hunter with me (I am a tank). This is a new toon on a new server but I have other 90's. Still gearing up right now but it shouldn't take long. We have raid experience throughout Cata and MoP. Looking for reasonable raid times for grown ups. Looking for a fun, laid back raid environment.
Hey Shieldwahl,

I'll add you to friends in-game but feel free to add my battletag (hooves#1635). We have a main tank and an off-tank BUT we could use several people to fill out our raiding roster so if you'd consider DPSing with your offspec, maybe you'd be a good fit. Alternatively, our off-tank might be willing to go DPS, but right now he far outgears you. (I understand though--new toon and all.)

Anyway, a really quick "about us"!

We're a really laid back raiding guild but raid is fun. Right now we're not raiding because we lost people due to time contraints, but we generally cruise along at a slow enough pace, trying not to stress people out. Our raid leader is a really nice guy and we're what I'd call kind of a "family" sort of guild. Cursing is okay but there are some terms we're not okay with people saying.

Anyway, we raid twice a week, Wed/Sat 6:30pm--9:00pm. We can also do Monday instead but we assume Saturday is when more people are free. We always call raid at 9:00 unless we want one more attempt on a boss because we've gotten really close, but usually we end on time because people have other things to do/have to get to bed/et cetera.

We can also help you and the others with you gear up if you need help running heroics and maybe MSV/HoF.

We're really looking for some casual raiders who like to work as a team and want to enjoy raiding being serious enough about it to progress, but not so serious about it that it becomes a second job.

I'll try to contact you in-game but if you add my battletag you can hit me up instead if I'm on an alt. :)
Thanks for the reply. It's funny that you are looking for DPS because that's really my main spec. I used to raid on my DPS warrior so I'm ok doing DPS. Started this guy to try out tanking and switch servers.

One thing I wanted to mention was that if I go DPS that means i can bring a total of 3 dps to the guild. A Ret Pally that can offspec heal and a BM hunter. We are all gearing up still but it won't take long, so many ways now to get higher quickly. I could even server transfer my main who is about 500 ilvl right now (took a break right after 5.2). We are all RL friends and I think would fit in nicely to the guild, we want to come together. Are there spots for all in the raid team?

I like the raid times and they work with our schedule. What is the raid team like in terms of ages/interest in progression. I can say that we aren't heroic type players at all but we would be interested in clearing 10N modes for current content. If we added the players, would we be close?

Thanks again and sorry for all the questions, I just don't want to make an incorrect guild choice.
Haha, well, that's great! Actually what we need most are DPS. We had healers ready to go DPS if we couldn't get enough DPS (but someone was desperate to heal). There should be room for three DPS. Right now our makeup is:

1-DK tank
2-Warrior off-tank
3-Shaman healer (me, but I might go disc for the much better healing/bubbles)
4-Holy priest
5-Druid healer
6-Druid DPS
7-Mage DPS

As you can see, we've still got three spots open, and we've been DYING for a hunter; we've had a lot of agility mail drop but, of course, we can never use it. ;P

As far as ages go, we're all in our 20s+. Some of us are in school (our druid healer and myself, for example), but most people work, hence the 6:30pm start time, which is the earliest we can start due to work schedules.

We're all adults so we try to remember that sometimes things happen, but it's good to play with people who, well, I'm sure you'll agree, act their age. We joke around in raid vent sometimes to keep things fun and lighthearted, but after a wipe we try to discuss what went wrong/we take ideas and try them if something we're doing just isn't working.

As far as progression goes, we don't want a second job--ain't nobody got time for that. :) We'd like to hit up ToT honestly, but we haven't had the people to get past HoF just yet. (We were happily plugging away when attendance meant we couldn't even raid at all. Lack of DPS.)

We'd like to clear HoF and ToES before hitting up ToT but honestly those would be a breeze with enough actual people to raid. (And ToES is pretty fun.) The extra gear wouldn't hurt, either.

No worries about the questions, by the way! We'd love to find people who WANT to make sure that the guild is the right place for them. If any of you have any other questions, feel free to ask/hit me up on battletags/etc. :) I'll be happy to help.
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When are we going camping?

You're going camping right now! /punts you into the woods

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