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Guild Name:<The Seventh Vanguard>
GM: Baldrec
Officers: Deronas, Várdus, Curayn
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Medium
PvE: Light
RP: Heavy
Guild Site:
Synopsis: The Seventh Vanguard is a level 25 role-playing guild centered around the 7th Legion and the naval fleet.
Guild Name: Felheart Coven
GM: Vesperiana
Officers: Shorai, Pheres
Affiliation: Neutral-Alliance
PvP: Light
PvE: Light-Medium
RP: Medium
Guild Site:
Synopsis: We're a neutral (Alliance mechanically) guild centered around a demonic coven. Officially, we're a home for all wayward dissidents of Azeroth, but ultimately, our mission is to carve out a home for our own, while fighting the Burning Legion and preparing for their inevitable return. Mature themes, all classes and races welcome. Website, vent, featured events, and interviews.
Currently: Apart from guild social events and the occasional structured roleplay dealing with the Burning Legion and their minions, our current campaign is dealing with a forray into Karazhan to investigate demonic sightings and conduct research.
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Guild Name: Township of Darel'horth (formerly Order of the Elder Orchid)
GM: Zoey
Officers: Ryshken, Sozem
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light
PvE: Light
RP: Heavy
Guild Site:
Synopsis: The Township of Darel'horth is a roleplay guild based upon the citizens and happenings of the fictitious village of Darel'horth, a re-settlement of Gilneans located in southern Gilneas.
Currently: Rebuilding the town following a devastating assault by an unknown group.

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Guild Name: The Eyes of Old
GM: Dalavesta
Officers: Stax, Tiral
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Very-light
PvE: Light
RP: Heavy
Guild Site:
Synopsis: 'Eyes of Old is a long standing evil RP guild on the server, dedicated to running as a Twilight Cult, working with guilds across the server and promoting high quality RP -- If you're looking for a slightly different walk of life to RP, look no farther.'
Please remember to report the other sticky for inactivity and note this thread as the active listing.
Please remember to report the other sticky for inactivity and note this thread as the active listing.

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The Court of Veils

GM: Barlinon Renn
Officers: Daliun Shadowreed, Lissaien Renn, Aerreyn
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: OOC PvP High, IC PvP low-medium
PvE: None
RP: High

Summary: Court of Veils is a guild based off manipulation. The majority of the court is intended to be nobility as the easiest source of power. The court serves faithfully as members of the Alliance, with no friendly or even neutral dealings with the Horde.

Current Activity: The current goal of the court is to escalate itself to moderate fame and the re-establishment of social events among MG, as well as community activity. This is including, but not limited to: Social parties, meetings, magistrate dealings and honorable tournaments.
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Guild Name: Shadows of Argus
GM: Xeula
Officers: Maeorra, Glyllena, Nhadíya, Kyssandrith, Lídiya, Arloth
Affiliation: Alliance
RP: Heavy - this is our primary focus.
PvP: Medium - this is our secondary focus. We commonly participate in server-wide RP-PvP events, and we're always looking for more PvPers to add to Arena and RBG teams. An interest in PvP is not required to join.
PvE: Light

Guild Site:

Synopsis: <SoA> is a Draenei centric RP-PvP guild. Our guild story is based loosely off of Velen's Leader story ( Prophet's Lesson, ). They have heard Velen’s prophecy regarding the return of the Burning Legion and have no doubt that the visions of all races fighting as one against this great evil will come to pass. So, they are working to prepare their people, along with the people of Azeroth, for this approaching reality. The most important task: unity — to begin strengthening ties between the various races (and guilds) of Azeroth, beginning with those found in the Alliance.

With that in mind, we accept all races and classes — even classes that most other Draenei would typically frown upon. <SoA> is ICly a branch of the Hand of Argus: the practical, doesn't mind getting their hands dirty, faction that you encounter in the Draenei starting zone. This approach can put them at odds with some of their other Draenei brethren.

Currently: <SoA> is splitting its forces between Ashenvale and the Northern Barrens, working with other guilds to put a stop to the Horde's rapid acquisition of war resources.
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Guild Name: Blackmoon Sentinels
GM: Samirex
Officers: Kalaerin, Svari. Sifr, Eltheric, and Xervian can also be approached concerning recruitment.
Affiliation: Alliance, w/ Horde connections for intelligence
PvP: Medium. Members BG and arena pretty regularly.
PvE: Light. Dungeons, scenarios, heroics, old content.
RP: Medium. We're no pressure, here for fun.
Guild Site:
Synopsis: Blackmoon has often been called a mercenary group, and it isn't too far from the truth. They often accept payment for their work, and have been involved in much of the fighting against the Horde. Loyalty and dedication to their diverse family is a strong theme among IC members. Blackmoon accepts all races and classes, as long as the individual proves to be trustworthy. ( We have regular RP events, a couple storylines going, participate in RPPvP, engage in instanced PvP and WPvP, and support and encourage people to come up with their own stories and events. We also make runs through old content raids, and some members are looking to do some casual raiding!)
Currently: Residing primarily in Surwich and Nethergarde. A handful are performing recon and intelligence gathering operations against the Horde. Overall guild preparing for tactical operations against the Horde, as well as small RPPvP events with some other guilds.

Guild Name: Genome Project
GM: Ninwyn
Officers: Kinria, Linwish
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light
PvE: Medium
RP: Heavy
Guild Site:
Synopsis: Genome is a Gnome-only RP guild. It is not military based, dealing more with social aspects, RP events, and so on. ICly the guild focuses on aiding Gnomes and strengthening the Gnomish community. Genome also assists the Alliance when the need arises for it. We participate in RP-PvP events and get involved with multi-guild groups and events as well.
Currently: Several large events are on the way that would involve both the Gnome and general RP community. Along with Genome's one year anniversary.
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