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Guild Name: Dawnmarch
GM: Jaehaera
Officers: Berennar, Souldecay, Koredivh, Elylass
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light
PvE: Light/Medium, we're hoping to start a raid team!
RP: Heavy
Guild Site:
Synopsis: Born from the resolve of House Dayfall, the people of Dawnmarch seek to restore the lost kingdoms of Lordaeron, Gilneas, and Quel'thalas and return them to the hands of the Grand Alliance.
Currently: Battling Forsaken on the northern front and demons on the Broken Isles.

Guild Name: Leap of Faith
GM: Lahnora
Officers: (Beltain, Anuana / Nylanie)
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light
PvE: Medium - Raid team needs healers and DPS, though we'd shuffle things up for a good tank as well
RP: Light, but would like to get into it more
Guild Site: (Private Facebook group)
Synopsis: We're a friends and family group that enjoys challenging content like raiding and mythics. We're focused on mature and friendly people who enjoy the teamwork of raiding. We're happy to help newer players to get into raiding as long as they're easy going and positive. While we're happy to joke around, we do not tolerate verbal abuse or jerkery of any form. We expect members to show respect to each other and to sort out conflicts in a mature fashion. We'd prefer folks to stay with us long term because they enjoy the company and environment.
Currently: We're currently starting out on Normal raid content and aim to work our way through everything at the highest difficulty we can get through. We like to be challenged as players and always want to be improving. This is a great time for folks who want to jump into raiding with a friendly and supportive group.
Guild Name: Kindred Purpose
GM: The guild master is a voted on position! (very unique)
Officers: Frizzen
Affiliation: The Alliance
PvP: low priority
PvE: More priority
Synopsis: This is a guild just starting out. The plan is to have an RP heavy guild, with a lot of PvE fun. We will use Total RP3 for quests, and games. The first of every month, there will be a newly elected Guild Master. (We will have a dummy GM, who is only there for security, and the REAL GM, who will make the stories etc for the month.) I have not got the people together to get this off the ground, but if you send me a whisper when I am on, Most nights after 5pm server time, and most all sunday. Let me know. I am very handy at the questing system of TRP 3, and can not wait to find a great group to go around with.
Will be updating this from February 19th - 21st.

Guild Name: Wildly Inept Pacifists
GM: Safian
Officers: Pàncàkes, Ghaliya (For recruitment)
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Very light PvP, small group of us do arena regularly.
PvE: Fairly heavy PvE. Two raid teams, one more serious and one more open. Currently recruiting more members for raiding. All roles are open but some more ranged dps would be lovely since we're a little melee heavy.
RP: Little to no organized RP, but it's not frowned upon and we can help you find groups to do RP with.
Guild Site:
Synopsis: We're a group of IRL friends who started a guild and have been growing ever since. We like to call ourselves a casual social guild that has a raid team as opposed to a casual raiding guild. We enjoy creating a fun and friendly atmosphere of people helping each other level, do keystones and raids, or whatever else they're interested in.
Currently: Currently 7/7H, 3/3H, 7/10H. We do fun events here and there but mostly if you want to log on and feel like you have good friends to play with and enjoy your time while in game, we're probably for you.
Guild Name: Band of the Hand
GM: Damatherex
Officers: Mossheart, Minthor, Kashu, Jazziesweet
Affiliation: Horde
PvP: Lots of random bgs, most of us really love pvp. Sometimes arena. We're looking to branch out into rateds but that's where you come in :) Very relaxed yet competent.
PvE: Frequently group for raids, dungeons, WQs and the like. Would like to get a core team going, have a couple of guildies already talented in this.
RP: No guild RP atm, but members are encouraged to RP all they wish amongst themselves and enjoy their game time how they see fit.
Guild Site: None atm, but we have Discord!
Synopsis: A rag tag group of caring yet badass friends banded together to protect Azeroth, share beers, laughs, etc together and beat back the forces of evil.
Currently: We are looking to grow in small numbers to explore all game content together! We put emphasis on good times and forming friendships, not on soulless roster building. New and old players alike welcome to come conquer pvp, pve and everything in between! :)
Guild Name: Knowledge is Power
GM: Elessidil
Officers: Teuin, Netricsa, Elessidil, Gerti, Sheogoráth (Alt-0225), Thistleberry
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: None
PvE: Medium-Heavy (Semi-Hardcore) NEED DPS
RP: None
Guild Site:
Synopsis: We're a group of friends that put a primary focus on Clearing through Heroic raiding content. While we may not come across as hardcore, we tend to push as hard as possible to go forward. We like to think we're laid back in nature, but not laid back enough to let a boss beat us.
Currently: Looking for a few dps to flesh out our 6/10H raid team.
Guild Name: Silvergrove Guardians
GM: Wòlfquärtz, aka "Anka"
Officers: Fames, Lynnceus, Vèrgan
Affiliation: Neutral, we all share this world
PvP: Light
PvE: Medium
RP: Heavy - This is an RP focused group but we do content and pvp several times a month
Guild Site:
Synopsis: We are a (mostly) Wolven family focused on healing the earth of the corruption and plague that has perverted her. We travel the world fighting these effects - clearing the lands of the creatures that destroy her, laying to rest those who are too far gone, and ultimately making sure that we still have a world left to enjoy when the Legion war is over.
Currently: A full synopsis of our story can be found here in our event journal:
<Heroes Hall> disbanded (while I was on vacation no less) ~ Zyg
Guild Name: <Honeyreed Tea Company>
GM: Elemayo / Madam Meifeng Honeyreed
Officers: Luministaa / Maoliu
Affiliation: Alliance (business/criminal)
PvP: Light, if any.
PvE: Light, if any.
RP: Medium
Guild Site:
Synopsis: The Honeyreed Tea Shop sits in a quiet corner of the Mage District of Stormwind City. Its employees and patrons alike are comfortable and unassuming, enjoying the calming atmosphere, comfy cushions, and delicious, exotic teas fresh from Pandaria. But everything is not as it seems in the quaint little café -- Those who meet the owner, Madame Meifeng Honeyreed may notice something is a about her. Who are the strange, shady people who come and go? What does she keep locked in the back room of the shop? And what is that odd vanilla-like scent in the air?
Currently: We're a physical shop located within the NPC shop Ancient Curios between the Slaughtered Lamb and the Mage Tower. The Honeyreed Tea Co is a front for a drug smuggling business! We're a brand new guild recruiting Hosts/Hostesses for the shop, tea merchants, suppliers, sources, and partners to spread our influence on the down-low!
Guild Name: The Cobalt Wyvern
GM: Hesteana *Alts of mine denoted with "(x)"
Officers: Eithe, Adremitia(x), Ometea(x)
Affiliation: Alliance leaning neutral
PvP: Casual
PvE: Medium (Mostly dungeons, intend to raid casually)
RP: Heavy
Guild Site: N/A
Synopsis: The Cobalt Wyvern is a merchant guild first. We seek to establish trading relationships with the denizens of Azeroth. Our contracts involve collecting materials, creating products, and establishing trade routes! We do have member driven events. ((We are also open to cross guild events, hit any of the officers up for details!))

Currently: On holiday until our next campaign in May! To Borean Tundra we go!
Guild Name: Charity of Adventurers
GM: Ghannan
Officers: Heratuu, Laenessa and Suali
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Casual
PvE: Medium to Heavy (Currently questing together through Azeroth)
RP: Heavy
Guild Site: Discord, contact for a link.
Synopsis: Based on the party dynamics of Dungeons and Dragons (Tabletop), we are a group of misfit adventurers uniting together to deal with whatever the world throws at us. Generally we are good/neutral.
Currently: The majority of us quest and adventure together, RPing the experience. We are at Redridge Mountains currently, and working our way up. Particularly looking for characters under level 30 at the moment, but everyone welcome.
Guild Name: Dark Uprising
GM: Annafinch
Officers: Rèdivh, Rhaegah, Saysha
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light
PvE: Heavy
RP: Light
Guild Site:
Synopsis: Our goal is to build a well staffed PvE guild on Moon Guard where people can come and enjoy good times with good people without toxicity.
Currently: 7/10 H Nighthold But pushing recruitment to work towards building a mythic team and securing faster Heroic completions. Most members currently have AoTC for Gul'dan pugging is just holding us back unfortunetly.
Guild Name: The Church of Dawn
GM: Jhatolun
Officers: Reloriska, Emeild, Gunnar, Bookth, Fengjiao
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Casual/Available on request
PvE: Casual/Available on request
RP: Heavy
Guild site: None currently
Synopsis: A Light themed, heavy RP guild that acts as a helping hand and charity source for anyone in need. Be they sick, injured, or in danger, this guild's soul purpose is to help those that are less forunate, using the Light and its teachings as a source of inspiration and aid. The Church accepts all forms of practice in regards to the Light, and all members are required to be, at a minimum, worshipers and followers of the Light and/or the Naaru. People who walk darker paths, such as Death Knights, Warlocks, and Demon Hunters, are not permitted to become a member of the Church unless they seek redemption.
Currently: The Church of Dawn is currently moving in to a lodge in the Hinterlands, where they plan to use it as a safe haven should they fall under any sort of threat. Otherwise, they have been frequent visitors to the Stormwind Cathedral, preaching the wisdom of the Light while also scouting out for potential initiates to recruit to the Church.
Guild Name: Brimstone Irregulars
GM: Vextris
Officers: Skem
Affiliation: Alliance / Horde - Legionfall Forces
PvP: Light.
PvE: Light. Casual Dungeons and will assist with leveling.
RP: Medium, turning to Heavy with the launch of the guild campaign on 6/13.
Guild Site:
Synopsis: The Brimstone Irregulars are a group of individuals that are allied with the Legionfall efforts on the Broken Islands. The individuals within the Brimstone Irregulars are intelligent and combat fortified through their individual Faction Halls. They have experience in the field of combat, tactical advancements and hold higher learning for magical placement (or have an understanding of magical arts). Together, they work on hunting down outlawed individuals who work against the Legionfall forces, taking upon contracts to either eliminate these individuals or to bring them into the associating Faction law enforcement. Those within the Brimstone Irregulars understand that the contracts and work they assimilate are to further the advances of pushing the Burning Legion from Azeroth, and assist the Legionfall forces in campaigns that they do not have resources to focus on.
Currently: The Brimstone Irregulars are currently based out of Grizzly Hills and Azshara on Kalimdor, where they hold two small camps as a base of operations in their efforts of completing contracts for the Legionfall efforts. Individuals sworn into contract with the Brimstone Irregulars can be found on the Broken Islands or accruing information on a lead within Stormwind, or at the Stormwind Harbor.
Hey, can you completely replace the Nightward's thing with this instead, please?

Guild Name: The Nightward
GM: Verethièn
Officer(s): None (at the moment). I am looking for people who can lead units as officers.
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light
PvE: Medium-Heavy
RP: Heavy
Guild Website:
Synopsis: The Nightward is a multifaceted military organization which is open to all races and classes, with demon hunters and warlocks being special cases. Founded in the War of the Ancients by Nilanadres Nightwind, the Nightward has served the kaldorei alongside the night elf resistance, the Sentinels, and other kaldorei organizations. Despite being a military, the Nightward is like its own facet of kaldorei society; there aren't just combat-oriented folk behind it's walls, there are historians, researchers, full-time medics, witches, attorneys, and sailors. There's room for all who want to help the kaldorei and their missions.

OOCly, the Nightward have a variety of events to suit all different kinds of roleplayers. RP-PvE events, open world RP events, subunit and unit locked events, D20 events, and inter-guild events are the five main events which will occur. Events, units, subunits and what the Nightward is are further elaborated on in this link: . I am looking for founding members and officers (officers are unit leaders).

Currently, the Nightward operates all across Kalimdor and the Broken Isles, pressing their advantages wherever they go. They, along with the Legionfall, have their sights set on the Tomb of Sargeras.
Guild Name: House Varganous
GM: Garlanjr
Officers: Breley, Geoden, Isaimed, Scotchcipher (We are actively seeking more experienced people to hold vacant officer positions.)
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light-None at all
PvE: Medium (Hoping to raid at some point)
RP: Heavy
Guild Site:
Synopsis: House Varganous is a noble-based roleplaying guild that is set within the lands of Duskwood and Deadwind Pass. The House prides itself on being one of the few to remain in these lands and on their work as the defenders of their home. We delve into political and military themes, with our doors being open to everyone from peasants to seasoned warriors. We are very friendly and accepting, with a need for a varied member count and a preference for some darker roleplaying themes.
Currently: We are currently working on getting more players so that we can begin a campaign in the northern parts of the Eastern Kingdoms, most likely in Hillsbrad and the Hinterlands.
Guild Name: Kingdom of Astalynn
GM: Ethant
CO-GM: Valenå
Officers: (looking for experienced officers)
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light
PvE: Light
RP: Heavy
Guild Site: none
About us: Lord Clark is seeking loyal men and women to aid in the growing of the kingdom. High Councils to lead, Nobility to open alliance, Military for protection, Church to teach the Light and citizens for living among kingdom. Our kingdom is located up in the north (hearthglen ooc) and we are open to all folks of unique skills and trade. Blacksmith, leatherworker, herbalism and more! Even farmers and fishermen. We are open for allies of orders, houses and Kingdoms so we can make and do some trades of raw material.
Guild Name: Baby Seal Clubbing Club
GM: Alkaiid
Officers: Wangei, Shortnkyle, Losramabbuh
Affiliation: Alliance
PvP: Light, mostly just 3s when we get bored of mythics
PvE: Heavy, heroic raiding, recruiting for mythic
RP: None in gchat, but free time is free time.
Guild Site: Not yet
Synopsis: Heroic recruiting for mythic guild that started from the raid team of a previous guild. Semi hardcore raid team, looking to get into mythic.
Currently: Recruiting for mythic, clearing heroic, do +s in our free time, raid 2 days a week with a possible off night Saturday.

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