SoO: It's all Norushen's Fault!

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Seriously, this Watcher just sat there and watched while Goblins breached the entrance of Y'Shaarj's prison. And instead of seeing this as a slightly worrisome development, his only action is to raise his shield and hide behind it when a Goblin rushes forward and gets infected by the essence.

And just to put the cherry on top, he's still sitting there while Malkorok and the Kor'Kron brazenly take the Heart of Y'Shaarj away right in front of him. But I guess it's no big deal, it's only the whole reason he was down there for eons I guess...

Come to think of it, if the Titans just bothered to check up on their lackies once in a while instead of thousands of years later, so much sheet could have been avoided. Deathwing, Ulduar, the Mogu/Thunder King enslaving all of Pandaria using their tools and power, and finally Siege of Orgrimmar. For being godlike they are pretty damn stupid...
''Because he has to do it for the plot to work.''
Norushen is a robot.
They did check up on Ulduar. That's why the entire planet nearly got re-originated by Algalon's directive, remember?
Moreover, the Titans don't really care about us. They've seen entire species evolve and go extinct in the time it takes our hearts to beat once. We're just an extremely small spec on the cosmic map to them, and they most likely would re-originate the planet just because of our chaotic natures.

Which is why I think the Titans will end up being villains.
I'm not sure if we're even exactly on the Titan's radar in general, at the moment. Going back to the Algalon deal, he had us send Reply-Code Alpha instead of Omega. So instead of reporting the extent of corruption on Azeroth, he more or less sent the all clear signal. Thus the Titan's as a whole aren't exactly aware of the situation on Azeroth, since their Observer is instead just watching us instead of reporting back to them.

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