I'm terrible but...

How in the world do mages beat you guys? Any spec it doesn't matter. The only time I will attack a Pally alone is if they are 365k and below health and I still come close to losing since 5.3.

You guys are glued to my hip some how. I even Ice Block your burst or try to.
This thread needs pudding......
Well, it honestly didn't take until 5.3. I've always had troubles even when mages could destroy you guys.
Go add gems/enchants/tinkers/pudding in your items. Vanilla pudding is the best.
Shatter, like you do on everyone else.
I haven't been killed in a shatter since 5.3.

Not even once.
I'm taking it to Mages this patch. I love the fact I can make them Blink without even having to force them through FoJ/HoJ. Now once I cause them to Blink and then Hammer them, they have no choice but to burn their trinket or Iceblock.

With this Divine Protection buff they can try to shatter me all they want, I'm going to have that damage reduced now.

I always felt 1v1 Ret had the advantage over other classes, but now I feel if played right we're unstoppable 1v1.
just the other day i killed a mage with denounce spam.

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