[Bug?] Not Staying logged in to Battle.net

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This has been going on for as long as I can remember but why is it, despite having the box marked "keep me logged in for 30 days" or something to that effect, do I keep having to enter my email and password multiple times a day. I'm not even talking once a week or even once a day but MANY times a day despite checking the box that asks if I would prefer to be kept logged in.

I have IE10, Windows 7, fully updated.

Anyone have this issue?

Mods . . . any suggestions?

TIA for any feedback
It has been going on for weeks off and on.

They seemed to have partially fixed it at one point then it got worse again.
Been this way for ages.

They did some partial fix that helped some and have never said another word on the issue.
Been having this problem myself for the last week or two. Session doesn't stay saved more like 12 hours. Using Win 7 with Chrome. Thought maybe I had a corrupted cookie or something, so I deleted my cookies, still happens.

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