Division VII Recruiting For WPVP Efforts

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Well I just had to have the standard sandwich and chips nothing fancy. HMMM - maybe steak and lobster for dinner.

Brb, heading to Phanny's house for dinner...
Heading over to Kal's house to get my party on.

Ebiahh Ive decided dk man
sup dawgs
Hey Eb - just clean up when you are finished. Don't like returning to a dirty house :)

We hold RBGS on our off days for players wanting to prove they know how to play their class and can bring their A game 100% of the time. Feel free to message me in game.
When are your "off days"
07/02/2013 09:29 PMPosted by Kalijie
Hey Eb - just clean up when you are finished.

that's what she said.
Doing all the heavy lifting by myself. Again.

Lazy boys.
I'm here now Kal, you may now rest easy.
Bumping to the top.
Need a lil lovin in here
Putting up a pink skin bump.
What it do what it do
Quality over Quantity
I am expecting an in game Bachelor Party. I have like 3 weeks until the big day!
Spart, you're hosting.

Get on it!
Everyone do the humpde-hump for Makkir bach party
In need of some good casters
Yolo RBGS going on right now led by Lovelyxo need your cap hit her up

Need more Casters for RBG 1 Tues - Weds 8:45PM ST (2-3 Hours Max)
Up to the top we go

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