Incantation of Vu

Bug Report
I just used an Incantation of Haqin. I summoned him fine, and killed him. Then I went to summon Vu with my Incantation, and now I can't. Its bugged and I keep getting an error message saying "You can't do that right now". I am at the correct location. I've logged out several times trying to "reset" this. Did you change these? I would like an answer.

BTW. YOUR STUPID "open a ticket" thing, is broke. It is literally impossible to open a ticket, and the suggestions are WAY OFF. I type in "I can't summon" and my response is "can't log on?" .....yeahhh that's it....since I mentioned anything about logging on, AND I"M IN THE GAME!???? why do you have to change perfectly good working systems. If it ain't broke, don't fix it??????

-Frustrated player of 8+ years-
same here.... and it's being ignored, yet a lot of people have same problem, and yes I'm in front of right statue (even clicked the little plaque), stood everywhere to try to summon...
Adding in the same problem. Did the other two (Haqin and Deng) just fine but this one "you can't do that right now".

Fix this... along with the many other problems (*cough* ignore list "unknowns"/deletion *cough*)....

Ignoring these, not giving feedback that they are acknowledged (especially after so much time is passing) is very, very poor customer service.

EDIT: typing errors
I get "you can't do that right now" from just standing and then running in The Emporer's Step. What? I can't run now???

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