Mr. Robot and Destruction

I'm not sure what to believe. Having destro for main and affliction for second specs. I kept a fair balance between haste and mastery. But when I go to askmrrobot, (mrsemireliable), it says I need to forge into crit for destro; instead of mastery.

Any fellow locks have the math for mr robot's claims, being right or wrong?
Mr. Robot is a tool. It's only going to be as useful as you make it. When it comes to reforging, provide your own stat weights.
I don't know if you had noticed, but on the left hand side of Mr Robot, above your "current" character sheet is a drop down menu that lets you select "PvE: Default Build"(next to a graph icon that says "Edit Weights") and then in that menu is a few different reforging options, such as a PVP reforging option or an option to be using "GoSac" as a set up, and when you select that option Mr Robot will adjust stat weights to reforge destro locks using Sacrifice into Mastery instead of crit.
I just noticed that dropdown list; I'm an idiot..... Thanks Kystah!
I have made Haste as my top weight besides hit of course and man my dps has gone sky high. When I am fully "spooled" up with immolate and conflagrate, I cant seem to spam incinerate fast enough. I use Mr. Robot for gem and enchant suggestions. For reforging use Reforge Lite addon. It actually lets you customize ur weights any way you want too, and is IN GAME. It also does the reforging for you. All you do is click "show" to show you the calculations and the gold cost to make the changes. Then you click reforge and it does it for you in about 20-30 seconds. It's a great addon. Hop in ur curse client and check it out. If you have any questions, feel free to gamer tag me, Neurion#1724.
Mr.Robot is bugged to me, Change 1 statsweight and put it to lets say 15.

It won't even tell you to reforge everything to that stats so I don't use it.

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