Enchanted Thorium Pieces

I'm looking for any pre-cata Blacksmith who might happen to have the Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and the Enchanted Thorium Leggings patterns. They are no longer available to get in-game HOWEVER if you learned them you can still make them. I have all the mats. Higher emphasis on the chest piece, as I've found out the legs are a quest reward in Blade's Edge. Still, if I can find someone to craft both I still will.

I am willing to tip 3k for each craft, and 7k if you can do both. Send me a tell in-game on this character, Valkyrfreeze, or just get a hold of anyone in my guild.

Hopefully SOMEONE can make these, as I want this for a Xmog set for my DK. Thanks!
Got everything I needed! Thanks again, Juell. If anyone else is looking to have it crafted (or anything for that matter) awesome player and had a nice little chat as well. Highly reccomended! And worth every gold :D
Of course, and thank you as well.

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