[A] Invicta lf one DPS 10m (Sun.3:00AM ST)

Hi fellow Proudmoore alliance members.

Due to some real life changes, we're currently seeking a raider that would like to have fun
progressing in ToT.

We are currently progressing normal modes and only raid one night weekly.

We are friendly and do not have tight restrictions on past experience, though we are looking for ilvl 500+.
We have a dedicated Ventrilo server as well.
All we ask is for people that don't: rage, cause drama, and bail without notice.

:::Raid schedule:::
Sunday 3:00AM ~ 6:30AM Realm Time

:::Current Progress:::
ToT 3/12

:::In NEED of:::
1x DPS, Plate/Mail Int/Leather Int preferrably

Please msg or mail in game
Kyons or Celes for any questions.
Still looking for those that want to raid, but could only raid one day a week!
We're all adults and mature with no drama.
Join us :)
i'm a 511 mage and would be more than willing to pug for now to start out with if you're willing. I'm newer to wow and only 'raiding' xp i have is lfr but i'm open to learn and would love to start raiding.

Real id cwc83#1173 or wisp i'm on a lot in the evenings/nights
I'm looking for a new home server-wise. Can only raid on the weekends. I'm an experienced tank and dps. My tank set is 486 ilvl, and Dps gear is 491. If there is an interest in recruiting me, and for a certain role, I'll be able to focus on getting gear for that role to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your time, and good luck filling to position if I don't meet your needs.

My real ID tag is Dirkatron#1973
Hi Frazenry,

Thank you for your interest, and I am sorry to inform you that we are currently full on cloth DPSers. I am sure with all the recruitment going on, you will find a nice raiding team :)

Hi Dirka,

Thanks for your post and we will contact you via battletag later. And yes, we are in need of a tank role that would have high attendance for a simple once a week raid.

best regards,
Now that we have found a nice tank, we are still open for the DPSer.
Please see our needs and if you fit the requirements and interested, pls leave a reply.

thank you.

Any dps that fits our needs? Sunday raiding, nice and tidy for those casual people.
Still looking for one more DPS for one night a week raiding. Now 3/12!

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