New Paladin in need of simple advice

So Im not exactly new to the game, but I am new to MoP. I have had three other characters break the level 80 barrier, so I have a bit of an idea on how to play. I started a Paladin simply because Ive never tried one before and Im looking for a new experience. I dont have the knowledge and expertise to play a healer or tank, so I went retribution to try to DPS. On to my question!

I joined a guild, just to get the perks. Im now getting close to being honored with them. I have about 1700 gold on my other characters, and was toying with the idea of buying one of the items from the guild rewards that give you the bonus experience.

Are they worth it? I know you can get them with justice points too, but I dont have much of that across my characters. I do have the gold to purchase the guild reward ones though. And if they are worth it, which one should I pick up?

I also wondered about plate and mail armor. The items they sell are mail, but I know that ones I hit 40 I can use plate. Doesnt that make using mail kinda crappy?

I know that was a little long winded, I was trying to be brief. Thanks for the help!
For paladins, warriors, and DKs you always want the plate heirlooms. They're the only ones with strength, and they'll convert into mail until you can equip plate. The mail heirlooms are all agility or intellect based, which are pretty worthless (except the intellect heirlooms are good for Holy).

Whether or not they're worth buying is totally up to you. Leveling is pretty fast without them, and there's enough well-itemized gear available while leveling now to make the heirlooms less necessary than they were when they first came out. It's pretty much just convenience--you won't have to worry about upgrading the gear in those slots for a while.
Ok cool! So if I understand correctly, even though they are Mail items, they will turn into plate at the right leve?
As Ret, you'll want the strength pieces without dodge of parry. And they'll probably show as mail to a character less than 40; heirlooms will scale up and down with character level, so they'll be mail until 40 and then automatically become plate.

As to their worth, it's entirely dependent on you. They're useless past 85 unless you want to level a DK or a Warrior, and the biggest factor is how quickly you're looking to get to that high a level.

And the heirlooms sold through guilds are exclusive to guilds; you cannot buy those with JP.
Ok cool! So if I understand correctly, even though they are Mail items, they will turn into plate at the right leve?

As long as they're the strength ones, yes.
Ok cool. 1700 gold seems like a lot to put down in one shot, but I might just do it anyway. Itd be kinda cool to get to a high level sooner.

Thanks for the advice guys, appreciate it!!
Nooooooo! It stops being worth it at 85! If you're poor, save money for leveling a prof!
Save the cash for epic flying. It will serve you better than one heirloom piece.
Sound advice about saving the cash, too. I'd recommend using to research profession leveling and find the material lists for leveling the crafting professions you may want to take; pick up the appropriate gathering professions, and collect all the mats before even learning the crafts. That alone will save you a fortune, and you can also sell excess materials for profit.

Leveling is actually an amazing source of gold these days, though that is mitigated by the cost of riding as you get higher up. I've spent a half an hour questing on my Rogue, who's currently 51, and banked over 300g. Questing is the best source of coin while leveling, and the best source of experience.
Thanks everyone!

I think Im gonna hold on to my gold. 1700 doesnt seem like TOO much, but I also dont want to have to wait forever to get my riding training. Good call.

Appreciate all the input!
Eh, I would recommend the heirloom to be honest. Gold comes like candy at higher levels and you should have no issue making more of it to level any profs with. I have almost a full set of heirlooms for plate-wearers, agility leather and cloth casters (minus trinkets, legs, and ring) and a few random others.

But it's all up to you really. :) Good luck.
I'd recommend the heirloom too. It sounds like you have alt-itis, and while Master Flying will benefit your one character once, heirlooms are useful for as long as you keep rolling new characters.

I bought every heirloom in the game and upgraded almost all of them, and they're likely the best investment I've ever made. (I've also started and deleted somewhere around eighty characters too. >.>)

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