<Fallen Nine> Casual, LF Healer, DPS, 8pm EST

Suffering from the attrition brought about by declining interest and general malaise, <Fallen Nine> are looking to bolster our numbers to resume raiding.

We raid at 8pm EST-11pm EST (5pm-8pm server) Wednesday nights and are looking for a healer, a DPS/healer switch-hitter and some DPS.

We are a very casual guild so we're not picky on your class or spec, are not very far progressed (we've cleared MSV...), and we raid to have fun.
What we ask is that you too are relaxed, like to achieve but aren't stressed about it and won't cause drama.
You want to down bosses and progress but not with a "WoW is serious business!" attitude.

If interested or have questions, contact myself, Leinen or Sanflaire.

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