'Pet Cage' in the a/h?

Pet Battles
Is this a bug? I only see this description in the Humanoid field.
I've been selling pets on the AH and most recently a message popped up as 'A buyer has been found for your Pet Cage', I was wondering about that too. Presumably some kind of minor bug I suppose.
I looked at my Armory and it says "Obtained Pet Cage 1 minute ago" 3 times :I
I've seen the same thing, Seventizz. Regular pets, and then just 'Pet Cage', no indication of what's in the cage.
It's a trap

If you buy it and try to learn it you get a internal error and the item vanishs
Is this some kind of dupe bug? My husband buys and sells pets all the time. He has pets in his inventory TURNING in to empty cages. He bought protodrake whelps on the ah because they were cheap and now some of them are cages. He now has over 16 pets that are now empty cages. At least 3 of these were protodrakes :(
That's so weird. Has your husband tried to contact a GM to see what the issue is?
Yes, the told him they are aware of the bug and not to buy or sell pets on the ah until it gets fixed. If he continues to do this they cannot guarantee he can get his pets back. You would think I could find more info on it but I'm coming up with nothing.
I have two of them now. They keep multiplying. I thought they may be some of my extra Imperial Silkworms that bugged out. Then I saw one on the auction house. I don't know if maybe its an addon causing it, but I don't know why it would.
Someone started a thread in bug report, might be a good idea to start posting there for this one:


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