Can someone take a look at my stats?

I use the calculator at because I am too dense or something to use the reforgelite addon properly ,and AskMrRobot does strange things,like tell me what to reforge,I do it ,recheck ,it tells me to change somethings back.
Anyway,I think I am over hit cap and expertise cap ?And I thought I needed more haste? If so,do I just figure it out myself by adding haste and subtracting hit and expertise ? Or do I use the place on the websites where I can plug in different "weights" ? If so,how do I know what to put there ?

Grandmas need all the help they can get,you know. I try to keep reforged and gemmed even though I don't have the best gear and don't do current Raids,just solo old ones. Thanks for the help !!
You are definitely over hit and Exp cap which are 7.5% each. I would reforge out of that as much as possible starting with removing the reforge on your weapon.

Gems look good and all of your enchants look correct except for your boots which I would suggest changing to "Greater Haste"

I hope this helps out some.
As you are gemming, enchanting, and reforging, keep the following in mind.

Hit (7.5) > Exp (7.5) > Haste (as high as possible) > Mastery > Crit

that's your priority system.


Change your cloak to Accuracy (180 Hit)
Change your boots to Greater Haste (175 Haste)


I wouldn't change anything, you're good there.


Play with the reforges. Keep your stat priorities in mind.

I put your info in Mr. Robot and optimized. This is what came back.


Keep in mind, anytime you upgrade a piece, you are probably going to have to regem, enchant, and reforge several other pieces to get back to your stat priority. For instance,
lets say you do everything mr. robot suggests, and then you get a Chest piece that has like 900 Hit, and 900 Expertise on it. That's going to cause you to have to change several other pieces to go, primarily haste on even more things, because the base stats on the chest were your two priority stats.

Hope that makes sense, and happy gearing.
You are way over the hit and expertise caps - they are 7.5% each, and Draenei get 1% hit for free. You need to shave off about 800 rating from both your hit and expertise to be down at the caps we use.

Wok is a terrible trinket for Ret, despite the on-use haste. I think Wok's even worse than an LFR Darkmist Vortex - and that's saying a lot! But trinkets are really hard to come by, and it doesn't appear you've done even a single LFR, so use what you can, I guess. But you really shout get into LFR: end boss of MSV (Will of the Emperor) drops a very nice trinket, Lei Shi in Terrace of Endless Spring drops the aforementioned Vortex (not recommended, but use it if you can't get Final Orders from Will), and ToT has no less than four drop trinkets and will give you rep with the Shad-Pan Assault which will eventually unlock another decentish trink.


I wouldn't change anything, you're good there.

I disagree. The Quick Serpent's Eye in the belt's prismatic socket should be Bold; the Eyes are not balanced quite like normal gems, so they don't have the 1 primary stat:2 secondary stat ratio that makes gemming haste superior to gemming strength.
Thank you all for your help!! I will be working on the suggestions tonight,and will work toward a new trinket.I really,really would like to try LFR,but I have been concerned that I would hold other people back.Would I go in and tell them I am new or not ?

Thanks again
Just tell them you don't know the fights; everyone has to learn at some point. And your gear if fairly solid, sol ong as you manage the rotation you shouldn't be holding anyone back.
I tried to do all of the suggestions,except I have not changed the Serpent's Eye yet.I want to try this out the way it is,then I can try that change and see how it feels. I did go out and kill a few Mogu's to try it,it seems that they die faster. I got as close to the 7.5 % caps as I could,and tried to put everything I changed into haste.

I am determined to force myself to try LFR this week,after my grandkids go home. I am pretty good with my "rotation" ,I think. I do worry that I may have bad habits from running solo content ,I am not used to having a healer so I may waste a GCD here and there healing myself and I sometimes save a CD instead of bursting all at once because I am used to having to survive on my own. I really want to get a new trinket,so I am determined.Too bad they didn't make a DMF haste deck.

Thank you all again for your help!!
Swapping the Serpent's Eye will likely be an unseen improvement. You may feel a touch slower, since that is a good chuck of haste, but the Bold Eyes are mathematically superior due ot the way in which stats are balanced on the serpent's eyes - primary stats are twice normal, and secondarys are 1.5x normal, or just an extra 160 stats to each. The only reason haste gemming works, though, is that you get 2x haste per 1 strength off gems.

Also, the DMR:X (that is, Darkmoon Relix: Xuen [Str]) is a very good deck. Despite being a 476, it was competitive with last tier's trinkets all the way into heroics if you didn't use VP to upgrade them. I finally replaced my DMR:X just the other day. If you can afford it, it is well worth the investment.
Bold gems are strength gems; it's Bold that denotes strength. Or did you just mean Serpent's Eyes?
From what I found through my own experiences, the cap is around ilvl 489 where you want to start gemming haste over strength only.

But then again, everything is a matter of personal playstyle preference. If going haste earlier seems to work better for how you play do it. This isn't a cookie cutter game any more. All part of the bring the player not the class idea/theory.

Too bad you're not on Blackwater Raiders OP or I would invite you to run LFR's with me and I'd gladly help you in terms of your rotation, gear, whatever. I didn't have that when I was levelling and gearing, so I try to provide it whenever I see an opportunity.

For what it's worth, my raid group on 10M Normal ToT, I'm top DPS on Jin'Roc and Council so far. Horridon is an entirely different animal and I just don't want to talk about it lol.
There is a lot of help here and some suggestions are a little different than others,but I understand the thought process behind them because you all are explaining them like I am a clueless grandma,which I am !! LOL.I appreciate that.I do well making gold and a lot is from JC,so I can easily try the different suggestions as I go.I am at Ilevel 491 now and the small increase in Haste I have made since my first post has made a big difference in how fast she kills things,and how fast she recovers. I may have to upgrade a piece or 2 of armor to be able to use more strength without losing haste , but I will definitely try it with the Serpent's Eye since I make my my own.Then I will go from there.

I wish I understood what simcraft does better and how to use it , but I think that should wait for a separate question.

Nimaj,I appreciate your response and the kind offer,I wish I was on BR ,I would take you up on it. You never know,though, I level pretty fast if I want to,LOL.

I love Ret. I leveled to 80 as Holy before someone told me I could dual spec. Holy was ok,but Ret suits me better.

Thank you for the kind advice !!
I changed the Quick Serpents Eye to a Bold one. I don't notice a lot of difference but I'm thinking that with my gear I may have to take what I've got for now,LoL. I did go and help with Nalak and went to the Barrens to help some family members with the Commanders and gathering mats, unfortunately I went with someone whose main is a Warrior tank and he just could not stop pulling huge groups on his fresh 90 ungemmed unenchanted Mage,LoL . So It turned out ok,but I will give it some more "testing" tomorrow.

Thanks again for the help!!
You're most certainly welcome. Just always remember, people can give you all the advice in the world. And the elite players have a tried and true way of doing things (thats where I started with my learning). But, as I said before, it's a matter of playstyle. Do what works best for the way you play.

As for training dummies, simcraft, etc.

They are very helpful. They take your character, its gear, stats, everything and give you an unbelievably good idea as to what you would do in a raid situation, if you were standing there pounding on a boss that never moves and has minimal mechanics.

Thats great, but, most raid fights aren't like that. So don't put too much stock in those tools.

Your number one tool you can use? Experience. Jump in and do the fights. I great tool that lots of people use are videos of the actual boss fights on Youtube. I recommend using those posted by Fatboss. Those to British guys are very good at teaching the fight, the language is a little colorful, but to me it's worth the watch.

Once you have your rotation down, know how to gear (and modify your gear), and get experience, you're next step will be achieving that moment that you realize, as ret, I am not a pure dps class. What I mean by that is that you should never compare yourself, as ret, to other pure dps classes. You need to figure out how to be a utility player. Once you do, raiding is super fun. Using your off heal spells, your cleanses, your divine protections on other raid members makes you one of the most useful classes in wow. Not only will you be pulling very respectable dps, but you'll also be a valuable asset in other areas of the raid as well.

It takes time and patience, but you'll get there. I have no doubt. You reached out for help, that was the first step, and you seem to be following through. Makes me a proud ret pally. Anytime you need advice, or have questions, feel free to contact me. Also my battletag is Nimaj#1912 Feel free to add me that way, since I'm on alot, you can get insta answers. I never mind helping out whenever I can.
Thank so much for the help and encouragement,I did add your BattleTag! I will watch the YT videos , yes I am a grandma of 16 ,but as has been said ,I am not your average grandma,so language doesn't matter,lol. I use dummies to practice my rotation ,but( sorry to say ) I don't understand how to set up and use Recount,etc so its just for the practice. I will stick with this ,this game and my grandkids will keep me young!!

Have to go help 2 of them right now with the new scenarios !

Thank you

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