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For a long time now and from the intro of them. When you cage one or buy one from aucion or get from someone else. If you mouse-over it there is no info. It is like an empty inventory space. However... the pet "IS" there. You just can't see it. Please activate the tooltips so we can see what pet is caged.
Bug report submitted...just had this happen too. My mini mindslayer just turned into an empty cage sometime after I got it.
I just had this happen when I screwed up and mailed the pet cage from one toon to the other. Has anyone been able to get it resolved and get the actual pet? I just keep getting "Internal Error."
Not sure if this is the same bug, but there are several auctions on the Proudmoore Alliance AH that are called "Pet Cage" instead of the actual pet. Their level, instead of 1 thru 25, is 199647352. I've never seen this before 5.3.
I have 2 empty Pet Cages now that were mailed back to me after my auctions expired. They showed up in the mailbox as the pets , a Darkmoon Zeppelin and a Dark Whelpling, but in my bags they became Pet Cages. Has there been any blue posts on this issue? I've not been able to find anything other than another similar player post.
I recently bought two pets on the AH and they are now labeled as "Pet Cage", this happened at approximately 1:15 PM ST 6/10/13 on "Argent Dawn US" on the character I'm posting on.

I do hope this gets resolved at some point, considering Blizzard hasn't made a widely known statement about this being an issue, if they really intend on not refunding the gold/pets to players it's really unethical.
And the "pet cage" issue escalates. This morning I went into my Pet Guild bank only to find THREE more "pet cages". I believe all three new ones are from Archaeology. I did NOT have any on sale in the AH, did not mail them to anyone or receive them in the mail. Blizzard really needs to fix this.
This looks like should be a priority issue. More and or pets are lost every day after cancelling auctions or just moving around in bank and I don't think they can be restored because all information about the pet seems to be lost and we just end up with a generic "pet" item.
I have more than 10 Pet Cage items so far, it looks like it can happen to any pet of any level and it's been going on since 5.3 came out.

I would say Blizz needs to either fix it or come out and talk about it communicate an ETA for fix or advise on how to deal with/try to avoid the issue. Ignoring it doesn't help, I see a lot more attention and talking about issues a lot less important.
I looked a bit more and despite spending about an hour on Google I still haven't seen a Blizzard representative address this out of game. Maybe I missed it, I doubt it though.

This brings up the question, why the hell aren't they doing something about it. Why not make a front page post regarding it? Why not post in one of the many threads where people have encountered this problem? Why not disable buying and selling Battle Pets (though that apparently wouldn't entirely remedy the problem) until this issue is thoroughly resolved.

Considering the responses I've seen that other people have received from GM's this is apparently a known issue (according to the GM's) and there is no ETA on a fix, additionally anyone buying, selling, or otherwise transfering Battle Pets isn't going to get anything refunded. Sure, maybe the GM's are misinformed (It happens a lot, too much in fact), but I'm not about to open a ticket, wait three days for a generic response or possibly burn a temporary restoration when this is Blizzards fault. I've already had to use the feature to restore an item disappearing for no fault of my own, I shouldn't have to use it because pets I legitimately purchased from the AH decided to all of a sudden turn into useless "Pet Cage" 's.
o geez, I hope they aren't lost forever. I mailed a bunch of pets from raid instances and now they just say pet cage. I want them back.
Just adding my voice. I've had this happen once and thought it was fluke. The GMs where great and actually refunded the item I entered the ticket on and also restored one I had overlooked.

I foolishly placed a few more on auction and currently have 5 empty pet cages sitting in my mail box. I hope the GMS restore these as well as they are all either pandaren elementals and raiding with leases 2 pets.

I trust they'll resolve the issue, but I wish they would have posted a warning or even disabled some functionality until the issue is resolved.
I have this happening too. I have 5 or 6 of these now, the newest ones being pets that were returned to me unsold from the AH yesterday. One was a Gusting Grimore, a Gregarious Grell, and a Willy that I had used a stone to upgrade. I don't have any idea what the first ones I got were. I would like to get my pets back please. An idea of what's going on would be awesome, since I don't know if I can safely sell pets on the AH or if I'll end up with a bank tab full of pet cages.
I have DOZENS of these "pet cage" things now, representing 10s of thousands of lost gold. :(

Like many people, I've been buying and selling pets a lot--often buying and reselling--but now it's become a total money loser. I've had as many as 5, 6 pets in a row become "Cages" after I removed them from the mailbox.

Sometimes they even turn into "cages" while posted for sale on the AH!

I'm also angry that Blizzard hasn't commented on this issue. It's obviously afffecting 1000s of players, maybe even millions by now!

WHAT IS GOING ON? Will our "cages" be restored to normal pets, or will we have forever lost them???
I placed a fridged frostling and a giant sewer rat on the auction on Cenarian Circle a few days ago. Somehow they were changed to "PET CAGE" and returned to me thru the mail. I tried putting them back in the pet journal thinking that might fix them but no, it didn't. I get an "Internal Error" when I do that. Can't do anything with them. Can't find any way to report it either since they don't let you "freehand" your problem in their support anymore. Really I have to sit on the phone for God knows how long just to report this problem? I have maxed out two other realms and was hoping to sell/use the gold to start new toons on CC. I understand that things happen but really Blizzard, you need to let a person report things freehand and not only allow "pick your problem" answers because sometimes a problem doesn't fit into your neat little pre-made topics. Stupid way to do customer service in my opinion.
I did a little digging and found this thread:
Seems Blizz is aware but no updates have come in quite awhile.

So far I haven't had this problem. Usually when I get a duplicate pet that I want to try to sell (like yet another Pandaren Earth Spirit), I will learn it initally, cage it, mail it to a banker and then post it using that toon. Haven't sold many pets, since by the time I get a dupe of one, been months or more since they first popped up. But roughly 20 or so sales using this method have been problem free.
As for buying, I usually purchase them from the AH on one toon then mail them to my main to learn. Again, no issue doing it this way. My purchases have been higher, say around the 40 range.

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