My main spec is prot. I have decided to try Ret instead of Holy.
I have no DPS gear and VP spending will always be prioriise towards prot.
I am wondering if I should use some of my tank gear for now until I get better DPS gear (I know weapon has to change) given the massive difference between it and DPS honour gear.

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Depends on your tank gear. Since anything that has no crit is good for tanking, when you do LFR setting your loot spec to ret actually gives you some of the better tanking pieces on the bosses that you don't need a 1h, shield, or specific trinkets from.

If you don't have a 2h, make sure you're setting your loot role to ret for council, lei shen, and if you still do toes, sha of fear.
Since both Prot and Ret favor haste and mastery, a lot of gear is shareable between them. You would probably do okay (not good, but okay) just swapping weapons/trinkets and jumping right in as Ret until you get some pieces you can enchant/reforge specifically for Ret.
Also a number of valor pieces that are designed for dps are better than the tanking versions. All "tanking" specific pieces have one avoidance stat and one other stat (aside from a number of things like lei shen's helm which is on both spec's drop tables).

Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault for example is obviously a dps valor trinket, but with prot's demand for having extremely high expertise, and the high strength to parry conversion (1 strength is equivalent to 1.03 parry rating), when upgraded to 2/2 it becomes 1580 expertise (or 948 expertise, 632 mastery/haste) and an effective 9,656 parry rating proc. In effect it's nearly an identical trinket to stuff of nightmares, just significantly higher ilvl.

The same goes for Spikeshard Greatcloak vs Many-Layered Scalecloak, and Gianttooth Chestplate vs Breastplate of Brutal Strikes also off the Shado-pan Assault vendor (also the dps neck, but you already have the tanking one and there's no good reason to replace it). The chest if it wasn't for one having dodge I wouldn't know which one was the tanking chest. Over capping hit/exp is a real pain for ret this tier.
Thanks for help. Check armoury for current tank gear.

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