Tortos 10 man. best way to heal?

just looking for some tips on tortos. i think the raid is taking alot of unnecessary dmg which doesnt help. but whats the best way to approach healing. talents/positioning/ etc...
Build holy power to 5 before quake stomps. rotate bubble and bop on 1 healer at a time with one of their cds up to be able to cast 1-2 spells before blue !@#$ starts landing, also prevents turtles from knocking up. LoD>EF in this case. If you can get EF on low HP raid members do it. Holy Avenger is by far one of the most useful talents for this fight. Heal low HP members first with holy shock and then top off raid asap to build to 5 holy power again. Keep Beacon on the bat tank and watch the main tank closely - or if 1 tanking watch him very closely. Use divine protection when you are not shielding or bopping yourself. 2nd paladin in raid helps tremendously.

Healing shouldn't be an issue in this fight for the quake stomps unless you have low hp raid members. use devo aura and call for raid cds one at a time to be cast before quake stomp. All timers on tortos are pretty accurate.

Hope it helps~

Edit: holy prism on turtles is rly gud.
You shouldn't use AM before stomp, it's all physical damage (so glyph Divine Protection if you want it to do anything against Stomp damage). Use AM about 6-8 seconds after Stomp because there is an increase in rockfall, and even if your raid is really good at dodging the blue circles there is still magical splash damage from them.

Use Holy Prism right after stomp to top some raid members up quickly, and you can get one Prism off inbetween stomps too if you use it right as it comes off CD.

Tortos have a really big hitbox so you can melee him for mana. When I heal this on my paladin alt we usually split the raid in 2 with me in charge of the left side and my disc priest buddy the right side, that way we can spread out more across the room and still heal the entire raid (also helps him with poh). So before Stomp I try to have EF ticking on my group, but HP stored up to dump right after I'm not stunned anymore (if I don't bubble or BoP). If you bubble or BoP you can also sac the tank to protect him a little extra.
Was saying use devo AND call for (other) raid cds before the rockfall i.e. health shout and spirit shell or whatnot, but yes probably couldve been clearer.

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