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Wyrmrest Accord
I'll provide the game key for the battlechest (that's the original WoW, BC and Wrath of the Lich King) and you provide your own game time. It's up to you if you want to add Cata and Mists or not. I plan to level only to 80 with someone else.

I'm looking to make a Shaman Horde side so please wish to make a character Horde side as well. I am generally leaning towards a Pandaren Shaman so if need be we can start at level 12 leveling together if you don't wish to make a Pandaren.

We can do this with or without heirlooms. I have a full agility set (pants, helm, chest, shoulders and cloak, no weapons) so if we use heirlooms I will have to go enhance. Otherwise we can chain dungeons and I'll heal. Doesn't matter to me. We only have to level together with one character until we hit 80 then you are free to do as you see fit with your new account!

I can run off your time no problem, I tend to be a night owl so my times generally start from 4pm server time till whenever. I'm easy going, kind hearted, chatty if ya like, generally knowledgeable in areas of questing and great to get along with.

I'm basically doing this so I can get a quick 80 plus the mount when you pay for your time. I can of course provide bags and gold for leveling. I've even got a three seater mount so I can cart you anywhere!

If interested either contact me in game or get in touch via battletag Dodgie#1271. If you don't wish to get in touch via real ID then get ahold of me by way of Naralis, Avarosia, Kazume or Erolith. I'm always on one of these characters. If no responses are heard in game within the next few days I will probably just trade the game key for something else. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from someone :D
Thank you Vincentus :D Didn't know about the free 90 days. I'd rather give the game key to someone who could actually afford a 2nd account though. I sadly can only afford the one when it comes to game time.

In either case I thank you for your info.
Kinda shocked no one has jumped on this offer yet. I see people all the time looking to do RaF and even more looking to get their hands on a battlechest. Either way I am still looking, last time posting so I don't annoy people.

If you don't wish to get in touch via real ID then get ahold of me by way of Naralis, Avarosia, Kazume or Erolith. I'm always on one of these characters.
Heh, nata problemo. That's what I did to level a lot of characters in a hurry. I bought the second account and used the free game time to level as many 90s as I could on the account I wanted them on, and the throwaway characters with derpy names were left on the other account; mostly tanks and characters that can get insta-queues. Once the free time runs out on the second account, I just let it die. Works pretty good on a boring day. xD

It actually sounds like a great idea to get a quick toon to 80. I just badly want that mount plus the free month of game time for me would be a godsend since I won't be able to pay for next months game time ^.^
Just a heads up in case you decide to RaF yourself...if I remember correctly it's only 30 days free game time. I'd look into it if you are seriously considering it, again, just in case :/ GL finding someone to RaF, if I had the cash, I'd look you up.
Yeah, if you recruit someone you get the extra xp and teleport to each other thing for 90 days, 30 days of game time when your buddy buys a month and the mount when they buy two months.

Also still looking. Guess I was wrong in thinking people wanted to do RaF O_o No biggie though, I could still trade it if need be :D

And thank you both for the info again.
Bumping, still looking. Even posted in general discussion forums. Though this would be easier if I provided the first three games. Guess it wasn't ._.
Friendly afternoon bump. I am still looking if anyone is interested. I am patient enough to wait for someone to respond. I really don't want to use it myself because dual boxing on one desktop would give me a headache x.x
I'm using RAF to level up some characters for myself at the moment. If you do end up using RAF on your main account, perhaps we could exchange some dungeon runs to help level up our characters?
Still looking for some one? *flails around*

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