[H] <Devour> 5/13hm LF 1 lock/ele sham/boomie

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Devour is a new 10man on Barth consisting of ex hardcore raiders with proven exp across this tier and led by a 10/13hm gm. We are currently recruiting 1 lock/ele sham/boomie. We will be pushing serious heroic progression while doing limited hours a week (7-10pm aest mon/weds/thurs). If you have extensive knowledge of your class, consider yourself a hardcore raider but cannot put in the hours anymore and are a funny guy/girl, please do contact me on josh#1309

Will talk to any exceptional raider that expresses interest outside the main class/specs we are looking for
where the tanks @
bump for dps/healer
Mooniee#1239 - Add me if you wanna come tank <3
Will be 5 or 6/13 heroics by the end of the week in under 5 hours of raiding - need a tanking cuzzy bro, get at us plz.
LF a tank, will even consider a very good prot pally. Also ranged (casters) and a healer please do contact me!
GL on the venture. Give me a yell if you would like some intros for vids. You can pay me in gold :P
hey mate, what happened i logged on and was about to transfer and you had deleted me off real id ???
should add me on real id ponzu, would love to catch up!
bump for 1 dps and 1 heals
come fill our roster so we can smash these heroics quickly <3
bumpo - come raid with us tonight


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