[H] Possible Transfer For Raiding

We have a few members looking to transfer here, due to a very dead server. Our raid progress is only 3/12 due to raiders getting bored and quitting wow.
Currently we have Rshaman/Hpally/Frost Dk/Hunter/Boomkin. (all adults 26-45) all above 510ilev

Would consider transferring lev25 guild, and just finding a few rolls to fill, or joining an active raiding guild that has a spot for all of us as a grp. (no bench spots)

If interested please leave reply here, i will be checking it often.
Anthem is in the same boat. We have about 5 active members since we started raiding. After our Jin kill we lost half our team. We could probably fill your missing slots. We have myself as a spriest, prot warrior and a couple dps. All are pretty much 510-ish gear. We have a lvl 25 guild you could come to.

Hit me up online FPShow#1420.
I sent you a request, we ended up just transferring the guild here to Turalyon.
Currently we are in need of 2 tanks, 1healer, 2dps to get things going.
I have talked to lots of people that may be transferring here from different servers, but no definite answers yet. Guild does provide all gems/enchants/flasks/feasts/and repair if you guys would like to come here. So far i really like this server, its very active, nothing that I'm used to, coming from a dead server, and i have met a lot of nice people so far too. :)
We are shooting for Tue, Wed & Sun 8:00-11:00 but could be changed up if needed.
Let me know what ya think.
Welcome to the server and good luck wtih the raid team!
Thank you
Well if your raid doesn't work out Neolutum does hands-off, fully autonomous raid hosting. We've been trying to pick up another progression raid since our 25 man fell apart and you guys seem to be the perfect "seed" for this. You get an active guild with plenty of good members and alts who can help fill or reform your raid, not to mention literally 100% of consumables/enchants and repairs fully paid for by the guild. We get another successful progression raid to keep the guild strong. We fell on hard times due to brutal stagnation in 25 man but we've classically been a top 10 guild here and will be again soon. You can find me or one of my officers for further information, think about it.
Hello, I'm newly coming back to the game and I've been looking for a raid team that is progression focused but not already into heroics because I have yet to find a stable raid group.

I'd love to chat.
Real ID : Jetski#1978

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