Prot Pally pvp

The only useful prot class in 90 pvp are blood DKs. Everything else is meh.

Define "useful".

If you mean as an FC in RBGs then no, they're not useful. No tank spec should FC since the 5.3 50% dmg changes.

If you mean "useful" in an arena setting - I can guarantee you that a Prot Pally brings 10x more utility and support to his teammates than a Blood DK. This is also pretty evident in Raiding as Bloods have been complaining for a while that they bring nothing to the table apart from the meatiness of their (blood) shield ;)
06/10/2013 03:17 AMPosted by Venomas
Thanks a lot, I looked through it and thankfully I don't have to change anything in gear with the gems I have now. It's a bit costly for me to get dancing steel at the moment, my server it's well over 5k and I've been spending more money power leveling my BS.

Yeah it really depends on the server but I still recommend saving up for it. Get Titanium Plating for your Shield in the meantime though - it shouldn't be expensive, but you'll have to find a BS who can do it.

I had a look through your Talents & Glyphs - I recommend trying out style A) and B) from my guide and seeing if you like it. Gl !

Will do. My Prot talents/glyphs were just for PvE. Not something I was taking TOO seriously since I was still way under hit/exp cap. Lately when I've been doing raids with the guild they've had me come in as Ret, so I'll definitely switch the glyphs/talents around when I get my 1h weapon and enchants for it. My server is a pretty low pop server unfortunately so most things on the AH are pretty high. Since I've already hit 25k CP I'll start working on the pieces of gear I'll need for the proper enchants with as well.

I think it will still be fun to try out so I don't get too burnt out on Ret PvP which is all I've ever done. I don't see myself ever doing Holy in the future.

Good guide, and I'm all in support of others giving Prot PvP a chance just for fun and to see if we can tweak it to it's full potential. I don't care for RBG's or high ratings, so I see no harm in having fun with the spec.

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