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Always done dungeons for leveling, now mainly doing questing, what is the fastest way to get there from stormwind?
Go to Ironforge and make your way north, make sure to pick up the flightpaths on the way.
The Plaguelands is a natural progression from Cape of Stranglethorn. There's an NPC mage there that will port you to Western Plaguelands if you have not quested there yet and don't have the Hero's Call Board quest that sends you there.

Otherwise: you have a lot of walking ahead of you if you don't have any Flight Paths that take you up that way. The walking route takes you past most of the flight paths along the way, so if you have FP's in the northern areas of Eastern Kingdoms, start there and pick up along the walking route from wherever you are. Pick up any green question marks you pass so you can later make this route via FP instead of on foot.

So from Stormwind:
Take the tram to Ironforge.
Exit Ironforge and go East along the main road through Dun Morogh.
Follow that until you get to a fork in the road, take the northern (left) fork.
Follow that through a set of tunnels (there's a small outpost in the mountains in between the two tunnels) into Loch Modan.
Once in Loch Modan you'll see another small outpost along the road with another tunnel just north of it.
That tunnel leads to a series of tunnels and a winding mountain descending path. Follow that until you reach Wetlands.
The main road through the wetlands goes a little east and then north, follow it until you get to the northern-most point of the main road when it starts to turn back west again. At that point there will be a small road continuing north.
Take that smaller road north, and follow it over the large (and partially ruined) bridge into Arathi Highlands.
Continue north along that road until you get to a giant wall with a gateway in it. Be careful here because there's a nearby horde outpost and some horde guards nearby.
Go through the arch and into Hillsbrad. This zone is horde territory, so give any quest hubs a wide berth. It's a level 20-25 zone, so the mobs off the road shouldn't give you much trouble.
Follow the main road north (again minding the two towers on the left, and then Tarren Mill on the right).
You'll eventually end up in what was formerly Alteric Mountains. There you'll come to a fork in the road with a ruined town off to the right, green wilderness in the distance in front, and lots of Yetis and Ogres on the left.
Go right, along the main road across the front of the ruined town and down the hill on the other side and into Western Plaguelands. The first quest hub you see is an alliance quest hub.
From there follow the road north until you get to a "T" intersection. You could go left and through Anderhal (sp?), but it's jam packed with tons of mobs that run in packs as well as one side is a horde quest hub while the other side is alliance and they're both fighting the scourge in the middle.
So I suggest you avoid Anderhal and instead go right at the "T", through the ghost town and graveyard.
From there go north across the small bridge and follow the lake's shoreline until you get to another river. This river is the boundary between WPL and EPL.
Up the river a little ways you'll see a bridge, on the EPL side of the bridge talk to the worgen woman standing next to the carriage. She's the first "quest hub" and the one that opens up the entire EPL quest chain.

There's a faster way that doesn't involve Hillsbrad, or Alteric Mountains, BUT it does involve a tiny short-cut mountain pass between Hinterlands and the southern shore of that lake in WPL/EPL. This short cut is easily missed and hard to locate even once you know where it is. I found it entirely by accident once and then the next time I went to use it again I couldn't find it. I had to wait until I was able to fly over the area on a mount before I could really learn where it was and find it reliably later.
Thank you!! Same question for Ashenvale
For ashenvale from stormwind, it's a MUCH shorter trip:

In Stormwind harbor, get on the ship that pulls into the southern-most dock. If the ship isn't there, you may have to wait a minute or two for it to arrive. When it pulls away and despawns you'll see map and after that a loading screen. When it pops back to your character you'll be pulling into Rut'therin Village at the base of Teldrassil.

From there talk to the flight master in Rut'therin (he's next to the glowing pink tent that ports you up to Darnassus if you walk through it). All alliance characters automatically have the flight point that takes them from Rut'therin to Lor'Daniel in Darkshore. Take that flight path to Lor'Daniel.

From Lor'Daniel head south along the main road through Darkshore. You'll encounter a few gaps in the path along the way caused by the Cataclysm, but there's always a way to cross. At the southern border of Darkshore you'll enter Ashenvale. The first quest hub for alliance is just after you cross the border. It's a low-level zone for you on that human hunter, the quest are meant for level 20-25 players.
where is the mpc mage to telport you?
where is the mpc mage to telport you?

You're talking about the one in Cape of Stranglethorn that sends you to WPL? I hope so since that's the only teleport NPC that was mentioned in this entire thread.

He's in Booty Bay near the inn. I can't remember if he's just outside the main entrance to the inn or on the level below near the fishing guy.

The portal he offers is a one-time use option, and for it to be present you cannot have taken the hero's call board quest sending you to WPL nor can you have started any of the quest chains there. If you've done either of those, his portal-via-quest is not available.

That is the ONLY portal in the entire game that gets you up that way as alliance, every other way you'll have to make the trek via flight points, mount/foot, warlock summons, or sneak on-board a horde zeppelin to Tirisfal Glades.

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