My gear

Just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions. It's all rep gear and LFR stuff.
Too much hit. You have a few items where you could reforge away from hit instead of the other stat, which should help you get back down to 7.5%. I don't see any other major issues.

Otherwise, you might try switching your loot spec to Ret so you can get some of the nice haste items that drop in ToT, since you have a LOT of avoidance gear.
Thanks for the input.
I got a pair of gloves from lfr and changed my enchants/gems around to get closer to 7.5% hit and 15% exp....any other suggestions? I'm trying to maximize my haste after hitting the cap with hit and exp but I'm not in a raiding guild so I'm sort of limited on my options of where to get gear.
Gearwise, if you're running LFR every week, you could spend the valor getting the valor gear from Shado-Pan Assault. Other than that, You could try to PUG a 5.0 raid, they're relatively easy to get through. MSV shouldn't take more than an hour with a good group. Same with ToES.

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