Tower Of Radiance

not working properly when BoL cast on self?

I'm not creating the 2 HP I used too from Flash of Light.

This is annoying.
If it used to create two HP it was a bug, that said I've never seen it create two HP by using flash of light. It currently is working correctly and generating one HP with a FoL on a beacon target.
The second point is from the PvP set bonus. Were you in PvE gear, perhaps?
Ah. I didn't even think to check the armory to see if they were pvp or pve. >_<
was just looking, looks like you swapped out some gear and lost your 4pc?
I am having problems in that when I use divine light or flash on the beacon in a raid or dungeon it will not work. I have tested it many times the last 2 weeks with and without addons. I have submitted a bug report but unsure if Bliz considers this a bug. Does no one else have this problem.

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