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We are a group of RL friends who only raid on Sunday mornings from 10.30am onwards till 2.30pm. Current progression is slowed due to lack of raiders till July as some are busy with work, studies or family committment.

Started in vanilla and clearing bosses in Naxx and every end tier raid in every xpac, we have gone casual over the years as more of us start working and have more family committments.

Guild is looking for people who wants to raid but can only make it on Sundays. Preferably 480ilvl and above. Whether you are looking for people to chill with or friends to raid with, we welcome you.

Full guild repairs, flasks, pots and food are provided for. Looking for all classes especially healers and RDPS.

If this is what suits your raiding style and lifestyle, contact me at kundun#6222 in game or reply to this thread and we will be glad to have a chat with you.
Hmm, now left 5 geared for TOT but 1 uncertain on timing as he signed on.

Another 3 leveling and will be back full swing by July.

How many you got there?
Hey Pynx, I am the GM of Last Warning, we currently have:

1 Warr Tank
1 Resto/Ele Sham
1 Rogue

We most likely have 3 Healers coming back and are highly skilled players.

Feel free to either contact me on kundun in game. Although you will catch me online more often.

We dont mind merging but on our side, we have a few new players who just transfer over and are reluctant to transfer to FM

What about your side? How about you guys come over to Barth.
1lock 1boomkin and 1 disc priest / frost dk cleared 12/12 normal tot. Looking for weekend raiding guild in sg to join. not that we cant raid on weekdays but there is nothing left to do on weekends. pst me in game if interested in recruiting. shinashka#1340
Still looking for RDPS who wants to raid on Sundays only. Be at least 480. All consumables and repairs provided.

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