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Thanks for the constructive responses, I'll likely stick with ret. Deleting the initial post because it seems the topic has already been beat to death and I'd rather avoid the firestorm.
It's a tool, nothing more. Using it as anything else is a misuse and is user error. I keep it around to practice between massive changes to my rotation - a giant influx of haste, 4pT15 changing the rotational priority list, etc. - to retrain muscle memory and adjust to shifts in rotation. It should not be adhered to slavishly, as if one expects it to play the game for them.
Many, many specs and classes have rotation assist addons. If this breaks the deal for you I'm not sure what you'll be happy playing.

You shouldn't care about what other people can do anyway, you should care about your own enjoyment and performance.

CLCRet is a tool just as Grog described, it is there to assist like any other addon. Tell me do you feel anger from the fact that any person can download DBM and suddenly raid because it announces mechanics for them?

Of course not because that's not what DBM does, it doesn't raid for you and CLCRet doesn't do Retribution for you.

I appreciate that you were very civil about this, this is a tired and old argument. Don't let an addon stop you from playing a class, because like I said you won't be playing any class then.

It doesn't take away your ability to learn the intricacies of Retribution and improve yourself because the addon by no means does any of that for you.

There will be many in this forum who will trumpet loudly the opposite that the addon plays the spec for you and anyone using it is a scrub.

Make your decision as you will, either way it will be your gain or your loss.

On a brighter note if you decide to come back as Retribution the spec has never been in a better place then what it is right now.

The mechanics are tight, smooth and highly enjoyable and we're quite competitive. Doubly so with the buff we recently received.
Most every class has a CLC_Info plugin, by the way.
Most every class has a CLC_Info plugin, by the way.
You should use it, but you need to have a perfect string, and even then, I wait a lot of the time to increase my dps. It is possible with more coding to perfect the addon for single target fights, and following the addon to the letter will probably get you to 80% of your maximum dps.

I highly recommend using the addon, and at the same time being able to use your brain to tweak the rotation to pull out even higher numbers. Retribution has one of the hardest rotations that I've played this expansion, and it takes a lot of brain power to stay ahead of other classes.

That being said, I'd recommend taking holy paladin(INT), warrior(crit) and a prot paladin(haste/tanking stats) to soak plate gear, unless you need the extra Devotion Auras.

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