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I just finally made a Paladin and though I know I have quite a ways to go with the class I was wondering what exactly are the skills that cause this legendary Paladin burst I've heard so much about?
Avenging Wrath - learned at 72, now, I think - the L75 talent, and Guardian of Ancient Kings gained at 85.
#showtooltip Avenging Wrath
/use Tyrannical Gladiator's Badge of Victory
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Holy Avenger
/cast Guardian of Ancient Kings

Works even better if you pop Guardian of Ancient Kings by itself and let it build stacks for a few seconds before you use that macro. But that's a luxury you're afforded in PvE more so than PvP. Just make sure you save your trinket so that you can clear CC while all of your cooldowns are popped, otherwise it's just a waste.
Is the #showtooltip part actually part of the macro or was that just you telling me how to access the info for it in-game? I never use the CC clearing PvP trinket =/ Usually take the on use and the proc.
#showtooltip simply displays the tooltip for the top most ability of the macro, or the ability that follows on the same line. Makes it easy to set the icon instead of having to sift through thousands of different little icons for what you may want.
Showtooltip is there so it shows the CD for AW, not the trinket.

The freedom trinket is something you should use.. as a ret you can make a fortune for the nickels you get for every time you get CC'd the second you hit AW.
wings,avenging wrath, trinkets at 90.

Combine all the 3 and you get the easiest 1550 2s rating possible. ( if that interests you)
@20 stacks of ancient power use wings + holy avenger
line up execution sentence with any big trinket procs etc while still inside burst window

use the rotation Hammer of Wrath > Templars Verdict > Exo or Judgement > Templars Verdict

hello yes this is 500k+ burst.
What is wings? And what do the stacks from the guardian actually do?
Wings is Avenging Wrath (it creates glowing wings on your back).

Guardian gives you a buff called Ancient Power, which increases your strength by 1% per stack (for 20% total strength when fully stacked), and it also consumes all 20 stacks to explode for AoE damage at the end of the Guardian's duration.
Wings is Avenging Wrath, so called for the way it gives you glowing wings of light for the duration. GoAK's buff gives +1% strength per stack.
About how long do you normally have left of the buff though once it gets to 20 stacks?
If it hasn't been said yet; its worth mentioning that throughout any fight and especially during burst -- you must have Inquisition (lvl81 spell) up at all times.
I think it's safe to say Inquisition is required, all the time.

so pop Inquisition - burst macro. (Inquisition can't be macro'd into it.)
About how long do you normally have left of the buff though once it gets to 20 stacks?

Depends on how quickly he stacks it. He lasts 30 seconds and it takes 5-10 seconds for him to get it fully stacked (he applies a stack each time he hits his target, and he scales with your haste so it will vary). You can count on at least 20 seconds though, if he's attacking his target the whole time.
Proper paladin burst has a ramp up time because of the Inquisition mechanic. You'd start a fight as you would normally, using judgement, exorcism, and crusader strike to get to three holy power, then you'd hit Inquisition. From there, you'd use all burst cooldowns, like a strength potion, a pvp trinket, avenging wrath (aka wings), Guardian, and Holy Avenger (depending on talent choice). The very best use their Guardian cooldown about ten seconds before using everything else to let Ancient Power stacks build up- this doesn't matter if you are talented into Sanctified Wrath.

Rotation priority is very simple and focuses on never capping holy power. You should never have to refresh Inquisition because your burst window is only about 20 seconds long.

Single Target (Sanctified Wrath): Generate 3 HP> INQ> GoAK > Burst Macro > 3 HP TV > HoW > Exo > CS > JM

Single Target (Holy Avenger): Generate 3 HP> INQ> GoAK > Burst Macro > 3 HP TV > HoW > Exo > CS > JM*

AOE (Sanctified Wrath): Generate 3 HP> INQ> GoAK > Burst Macro > 3 HP DS > HoTR > Exo > HOW >CS > JM**

AOE (Holy Avenger): Generate 3 HP> INQ> GoAK > Burst Macro > 3 HP DS > HoTR > Exo > HoW > CS > JM**

*You only need to use one generator to get three holy power- your rotation with holy avenger should be generator - TV/DS- generator - TV/DS and so on for 18 seconds. After the 18 seconds are up, you should still have some time in Avenging Wrath and Inquisition, so make the most of that.

**Depending on the number of targets in an AOE fight, using Hammer of Wrath over Exorcism is a possible DPS loss. The Mass Exorcism glyph spreads 25% of Exorcism's damage to other targets in melee range- with a large number of mobs that all need to die, I personally find myself prioritizing Exorcism over HOW in fights with 4 or more mobs (This is based on my own observations and playstyle- if any theorycrafters want to test it, that'd be great).

Conclusion: This is the legendary paladin burst you hear about- in PVP, you're guaranteed to get CC'ed as soon as someone sees wings go out (if you're fighting someone who knows how paladin burst works). What I just described was how the very best PVE paladins in the world maximize damage during a burst window or phase. It is entirely possible to macro everything into a super cooldown and still pull fantastic DPS by following the basic rotation priority described above.

P.S. Might have made an error or two- feel free to point it out. Don't want to spread false info.

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